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We like to plant sweet get the pretty vines and also the yummy potatoes to harvest at the end of the summer.

Vertical Gardening: 9 Great Vines & Hanging Plants
3/28/14 10:58 AM

I also live in a small rural town in Illinois (pop: 4000). We do happen to have several universities nearby so our options are a bit better than the typical rural location. Do you happen to live near an Amtrak station? There are daily runs to Chicago and we enjoy taking the train into the city for the day when we need a big city "fix." : ) I'd also recommend getting to know any local farmers. We get our meat delivered to our door from a local organic farm which is wonderful. Best of luck!

Big City To Small Town:
A Personal Cost-Of-Living Update

3/1/14 08:35 AM

Isn't it great to live in a society where THIS is such a big deal?? ha ha I'm also an academic with an extensive book collection and just recently organized them by color. I am, however, also one who enjoys walking along my collection and just LOOKING at it, pulling out books as I go to reread passages. So, I have no need to be able to find a book within 5 seconds.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 12:54 PM

I grow fresh in the summer and dry my own to use throughout the winter. The ones that hold up best for me are oregano, rosemary, and thyme. I agree with other posters--I add these earlier in the dishes for a more intense flavor.

Can You Convince Me That Dried Herbs Have a Place In the Kitchen?
2/6/14 03:02 PM

I'm in a similar situation--breastfeeding with a child that can't tolerate dairy. The same situation happened to me when I breastfed my first child four years ago. I broke out some of my Korean, Japanese and Chinese cookbooks as these cultures don't use much dairy. I would recommend doing an internet search for dairy free, vegetarian meals. I'm constantly finding great recipes in this way.

I live in a small town in rural Illinois but have still been able to find some dairy substitutes as it's becoming more common. The Earth Balance organic buttery spread is a great replacement for butter and I've found that almond milk works well as a replacement in my savory dishes. Also, if you can get coconut oil, it's a great substitute if you do any baking.

I second the oatmeal recommendation of eodwife. We also cook eggs quite frequently. I've found that I like them fried with a little olive oil. Omeletes, frittatas, scrambled--they present many options. My last one got over her dairy problems at 1 year so hopefully you will have a similar of luck!

High-Protein, Vegetarian & Dairy-Free Meals for a Breastfeeding Mom? Good Questions
1/31/14 09:34 AM

I highly recommend Sherwin Williams...their harmony no VOC line is great and they run 30 % off sales every so often. I recently painted my bedroom in "Dovetail" which I love. It has less blue undertones than the photo above, though.

Can Anyone Identify this Beautiful Dark Gray Paint Color? Good Questions
7/16/13 07:07 AM

My grandmother is the pie queen in our family (she uses Crisco) and I always struggled to recreate her pies as I don't like using this ingredient. I just recently discovered the organic Spectrum shortening and have to say it's worked splendidly for me. The rest of the family now loves my pies just as much as hers! I would recommend trying it out if you're curious.

Recipe: Sour Cream Pie Crust Recipes from The Kitchn
7/11/13 04:59 PM

I agree with pearmelon. Food is one item that I do not budget for. Having said that, my husband and I do not own smartphones, don't have cable, drive older (but paid for) vehicles, and rarely go to the doctor. Some people would probably gasp at the amount we spend on food on a monthly basis (it is considerable more than our mortgage) but that's what we choose.

Everyone lives their lives differently and has different priorities.

When Treats for Kids Are Healthy...
and Expensive

7/8/13 02:37 PM

Blueberry season is one of my favorites--we've picked 25 pounds over the last few weeks to preserve and last us until next season. (yes, we eat a lot of blueberries!) I always add a little cinnamon and allspice to my blueberry pie. Otherwise, it is similar to above.

Classic Summer Recipe: Blueberry Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
7/8/13 02:32 PM

I second the baking soda/water for normal cleanings and baking soda/lemon for a little more.

What's the Best Way to Clean My Stainless Steel Sink? Good Questions
7/4/13 03:22 PM

Love your space...especially the bathroom. So white and clean but yet soft at the same time!

Stacey's Sweet Small Space Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 07:36 AM

God is in the Details....granted this isn't my space, but I think I can shed some light on your question. Some people just prefer small spaces. I've been "explaining" my husband and I's small house for years because it is well under our budget and we live in a rural area where housing is C-H-E-A-P. More and more people are choosing to live with less for a variety of reasons (sustainability, ease of living, easy to clean, limits what you buy, a challenge to design, etc.)

Daniel's Square Footage Challenged Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 02:25 PM

My husband and I would love to have a few hens but all chickens are currently illegal in our town. It just seems wrong that we can't have backyard chickens when we live in a small, rural town (pop 4,000) in the middle of Illinois! We're thinking about checking with our neighbors and if they approve, doing it anyway.

Pros & Cons of Raising Backyard Chickens
4/16/13 03:49 PM

Wow herzsprung...what a backhanded way of ensuring everyone knows that you are much cooler than the person who created this playlist. Music in general is a beautiful thing--let's not use it to judge and separate. :) To each their own...

I agree with the writer on the playlist being essential to a good dinner party!

Chris's Playlist: My Mood-Setting Indie-Rock Playlist Party Playlists from The Kitchn
4/2/13 04:25 PM

Good for you! Living in a rural area, I find this to be one of the perks...we get our meat from a local, organic farmer and he even delivers to us once a month. We have visited his farm several times and it is so enjoyable to see the way animals are supposed to be raised. We do, however, still run into people who think we are snobby/stupid for not just purchasing at the local IGA like most do.

My Kitchen Treat: Sustainably-Raised Meat
2/2/13 09:46 AM

I ditched all of my Teflon years ago due to the health risks...the danger is greater when the Teflon is scratched. I would do a little research on your own and try out some of the alternatives.

Can I Fix the Scratched Teflon on My Pans? Good Questions
9/24/12 03:21 PM

I started canning about 4 years ago and still have a few jars of pickled peppers, jalepeno jelly, pickled garlic, etc. that I saved just to save. They still look beautiful and I have them sitting out in my kitchen to remind me of that first summer. : ) I was a little confused by your question though....hope this helps.

Where Can I Find Fake, Decorative Canned Goods? Good Questions
9/7/12 11:26 AM

Sorry...did a second look and mine are a bit different but very similar!

Sophie and Iain's Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian Kitchen Kitchen Tour
9/5/12 07:27 PM

I have those bar stools...they are crate and barrel and super comfy to sit in.

Sophie and Iain's Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian Kitchen Kitchen Tour
9/5/12 07:26 PM

NO!!! Please don't fall into the "everything must match" trap. I much prefer the look of a home that looks like its evolved over time rather than matchy matchy home that looks as if everything were bought at once.

Does All the Wood Furniture in My Home Need to Match? Good Questions
8/22/12 09:24 AM