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I wasn't being in the least snarky about Bushnell displaying multiples of her books anymore than I would snark about an artist displaying her own paintings in her own home (which you see a lot of on AT, and nobody ever says that's tacky). Why shouldn't people be proud of their creative accomplishments? As for why so many copies....authors usually get a box of freebies from the publisher, and it's handy to have them around, since many friends and relatives will expect free copies.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sarah Jessica Parker's Dining Room & More So Chic by Margaret Russell & the Editors of Elle Decor
8/11/08 07:34 AM

I bet those are multiple copies of her own books. I don't own any of her work, but I bet they are bound in pink and red, being chick lit.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sarah Jessica Parker's Dining Room & More So Chic by Margaret Russell & the Editors of Elle Decor
8/7/08 07:12 AM


Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Missoni Iddu Bathtowels from Auto
12/20/07 04:41 AM

Cute tocks. I want!

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: Bear Hug Blanket from Mxyplyzyk
12/19/07 04:31 AM

I'd give away the pillows (to save them from becoming dachshund chew toys) and keep the bag and journal.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Gift Bag 2007: Amy Butler Collection
12/12/07 08:41 AM

Please keep the comments! AT is one of the few places where people are honest, which means when people get praise, they can really believe it's true. There are so many outlets for people who just want to show off and get false praise (other message boards, friends/family, etc.). This place is my refuge from the suffocating Lake-Woebegone-everyone-is-above-average syndrome. Here people feel free to point out when the emperor has no pants, and I for one find it refreshing, even when I don't agree with the opinion being expressed.

And that's the real beauty of it: I don't think I've seen a single entry that didn't have at least one nasty or lukewarm comment, and that is so liberating to me. I'm one of those people paralyzed by the thought that someone else will think I'm tacky. Since reading this site, I have learned it is TRULY impossible to please everyone, so just do what YOU think looks good and don't worry that someone else will think you have bad taste. Because it is true--someone, somewhere, thinks your taste sucks. Big freakin deal.

Apartment Therapy - October is Fall Colors Month!
10/23/07 07:58 AM

Looks like all of Pam's lines are highlighted, so this must be the script of the actress playing Pam.

Here is my favorite life line, addressed to God: "what reason can you give me now for filling half of every thing with honey just to leave the half remaining torn from even hope for sweetness" from Maurice Manning's "Bucolics."

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Learning Lines
10/8/07 10:07 AM