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I have the SimpleHuman trash can and it works great for my recycling. I use the blue section for beverage bottles and cans and the black section for recyclables with no redemption value. I used a coupon I found for the Container Store. It was still expensive, but this trash can fit perfectly in a tricky spot in my kitchen.

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8/26/09 09:11 PM

I got cotton dust mite covers for my mattress and pillows from The Clean Bedroom. I don't know what brand they are, but I'm very happy with them. They are a little expensive, but I've always been able to find 10% off coupons for this store. When I moved and needed to buy a mattress, I bought a mattress that wasn't treated with flame retardant chemicals. It was expensive (around $1500 without a box spring), but worth the investment to me.

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7/17/09 04:02 PM

I would use the nonstick pans as saucers for potted plants, and then buy some cast iron pans. They are nonstick, inexpensive, and will last forever. The only problem is that you can't do oil-free cooking with them or put them in the dishwasher.

Here's more info if you're interested:

I say nevermind the whole "seasoning" process for preparing cast iron to be nonstick. My mom never did that. Just make sure to use oil when you cook.

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7/10/09 07:24 PM

If you have hair that's long enough, braid it into two french braids or corn rows. This works really well if you do it right after washing it, while it's still wet. The water evaporates and cools off the scalp.

Do a load of laundry (wash only) and take out a loose fitting shirt. Put it on while it's wet and sit in front of a fan. I've done this when I've had to drive my car without A/C on very hot days.

I guess my ideas work better in low humidity areas.

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7/10/09 07:06 PM

I've had good experiences with Benjamin Moore Natura paint: full coverage with 2 coats, huge color selection, no odor. But it's a bit pricey at around $50/gallon.

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7/10/09 06:51 PM

I had a similar problem very recently. I noticed a box of pancake mix infested with bugs that looked like tiny tiny brown lady bugs. I'm pretty sure they were wheat weevils. The bugs had eaten holes through the box -- looked like someone poked it with sewing needles!

Anyway, I got rid of the box and figured the problem was gone, but noticed more bugs crawling around a few days later. That's when I decided to clean out my cabinets. It was just two upper cabinets and three drawers, but it took 3 hours to do a thorough wipe down of all of the food packages, the cabinets and the drawers, plus also inspect all boxes and opened packages. It turned out that I had an old opened package of mini toasts in the back of the cabinet, and that package was totally crawling with the bugs. On the other hand, the jars that I was using to store flour, sugar, and pasta were free of bugs. So I've bought more of these jars and am storing everything in them that isn't already sealed in glass or plastic.

Oh yeah, the jars I'm using are glass with stainless steel screw on lids from Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't think these jars are perfectly air tight, but they have kept the bugs out for me. It might be possible to make them really air tight by coating the inside of the lid with a layer of food-grade silicone (to make gaskets), but I haven't tried that yet.

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6/17/09 09:04 PM