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What Else Can I Make with Leftover Green Enchilada Sauce? Good Questions
7/17/12 07:39 PM

I've been on a holy-grail quest to recreate this amazing chicken salad at this teeny tiny hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant in my parent's LA suburb town (Walnut). It's called the Walnut Chinese chicken salad (after the town not because there are walnuts in it). Not like your stereo typical Asian salad with mandarin oranges and sesame oil. It's all crunchy iceberg (trust me in this salad it works), two types of wontons, a creamy white dressing that i can't quite name and chicken which seems like its been cooked in such a way that is a cross between poaching and pan frying--weird i know but delicious! The best part, you scatter toasted sesame seeds and sprinkle soy sauce over it just before eating for a salty touch. Y.U.M.

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/18/12 05:33 PM

never knew!

Smart Tip: How To Core a Head of Iceberg Lettuce in 3 Seconds Video
5/30/12 06:52 PM

hubba hubba

Chef Yigit Pura's Tiny Colorful Kitchen Kitchen Tour
4/10/12 04:43 PM

@breezyslp, @feasbyo5, @ashvegas another Whole Living detoxer here!

I discovered the cleanse from a recipe pic posted on Pinterest that looked so good i followed it to the WL site. I have to say, it's sort of a life changer for me. Coming from a big meat-eating family/culture and being married to a big meat and potatoes guy i never realized how much meat i ate and how much it was contributing to the way i felt and looked. Here i thought because i liked all the clean healthy stuff i was eating right, but alas now I've learned what real balance is.

I've lost 6 pounds to date and feel awesome. There's no doubt in my mind i'll be a flexitarian from here on out. Mostly veggie, beans/legumes, nuts and fruit with fish and chicken occasionally and meat on very rare occasions. Getting the dairy and meat out of my system has left me so light and energetic. I love the way i feel and know i'll stick to it!

Reality Check-In: Reevaluating Your Food Resolutions for 2012
1/13/12 07:43 PM

Jarred/canned stuff is my lifesaver. Out of the ordinary jams and jellies are fun for guests to try out. Canned garbanzos, white beans, peas and roasted red peppers can all me quickly whizzed into a dip with a variety of herbs nuts or spices. and always ALWAYS keep a baguette in the freezer.

Casual Yet Special Snacks for Surprise Guests?
Good Questions

12/29/11 08:00 PM

Gigantic family so we do it all: turkey, roast beef and ham!

Gobble, Gobble: Do You Eat Turkey Again on Christmas?
12/15/11 04:35 PM

broiler. same crispy texture as the fried ones. i don't notice a difference.

Heart-Healthy Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings?
Good Questions

11/29/11 08:25 PM

Woah @Jen- I think you are my long lost twin. I do BOTH of those things. And for the same EXACT reason!

Why Everyone Thinks I Eat My Pancakes Weird
11/28/11 05:21 PM

I thought salting the pasta water was also about making sure the noodles don't stick together?

Does Salting Pasta Water Have Any Scientific Merit?
10/14/11 02:49 PM

Good points well taken ebarrett3 & Raine_p. Thanks!

3 Reasons To Run Your Dishwasher At Night
8/23/11 06:33 PM

As an apartment dweller I struggle with this myself. For my own convenience, I have no problems or fears regarding running it at night right before we head to bed-- I prefer it. But I wonder if my downstairs neighbor would be impacted? Can any downstairs renters comment on this? Do you hear it when your upstairs neighbors run the dishwasher at night?

3 Reasons To Run Your Dishwasher At Night
8/23/11 04:12 PM

nice! thanks design_girl :)

Strong & Durable: Why We Use Stainless Steel in the Kitchen
7/14/11 03:34 PM

my question is: where is that silverware from, Emma? it's beautiful!

Strong & Durable: Why We Use Stainless Steel in the Kitchen
7/13/11 04:53 PM

Okay, I'm kinda tripping out because I thought everybody ate kiwis with a spoon. Slice it in half and spin a spoon around the inside edge. Voila! No wasted flesh, no juice dripping down your wrists. Trying to peel a kiwi to me is almost like trying to peel a grape-- err I mean, some other small fruit where you don't eat the skin.

Kiwi Push Pops! The Most Fun Way to Eat a Kiwi
6/2/11 09:22 PM

You'll all laugh, but the best dessert I've ever had was from a Las Vegas buffet. It was an item called gianduja (which I've since looked up and discovered is an Italian hazelnut and chocolate torte). Anyway, their version was multi-layered: dense dark choc fudgey cake layer on the bottom, some type of crunchy flaky wafer-like atop that, a lighter mousse layer then a layer of ganache topped by a sprinkling of powdered choc. Oh. My. Gracious.

What's the Best Dessert You Ever Ate?
4/25/11 05:14 PM

anything that involves a runny egg

Best Breakfast Ever: What's Your Dream Breakfast?
4/8/11 07:32 PM

Gosh! This post makes me feel a lot better about my breakfast experience!

I am quite literally a little bit of everybody here. M-F I'm a snoozer so by the time I'm up it's about an hour's mad dash to get to work on time. Maybe it's from the hectic pace, but usually I'm not hungry by the time i settle in the office. BUT, i have been trying to be better about breakfast so I've kept a loaf of sprouted wheat and whipped cream cheese so by 9:30 I'm having "breakfast." And I too have noticed that having breakfast sparks the metabolism.

But the weekends are a different story. I LIVE for breakfast on the weekends. Partly reminds me of family--back home everyone would come over for breakfast feast on the weekends. And partly because on weekends I actually have time to cook elaborate amazing breakfast dishes which are so coveted since I don't have time on the weekdays.

Funny thing though, when people ask me what's my favorite meal i undoubtedly say breakfast.

First Thing or Not At All: When Do You Eat Breakfast?
4/8/11 07:22 PM

I've always thought lard is what makes the best most authentic refried beans. BUT...get this, peanut butter can be substituted for the lard and the result is so delicious. You don't taste the peanut butter per se but it does create rich, creamy and velvety texture with a slight hint of sweetness. I suppose the oil from the peanut butter is the main key. I confess i had this at a party once where we were all shocked to find that peanut butter was the trick, and i regret i never got a "recipe" from the person.

Looking for a Great Refried Beans Recipe
Good Questions

4/6/11 05:07 PM

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The Homies: Best Green Home Blog of 2011?
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1/21/11 01:22 PM