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Really? I think this is one of the silliest articles Ihave seen, most of those ideas are without consideration for function or form. The carpet and frilly curtain made my skin crawl..

A New Headboard by Bedtime: 12 Unusual & Affordable DIY Headboard Ideas
2/23/14 07:27 PM

My parents were very organised entertainers, it was all quite orderly and contained. We had a large extended family so often had cousins to stay, and that was more relaxed. I'm much the same, rarely have friends over but often have family to stay.

Often wish I was more relaxed about entertaining..my pet peeve is other people's children behaving badly (jumping on the furniture, dropping food, being annoying) and yes I have three chidlren and they were always well-behaved in other people's homes! I made sure of it.

Did Your Parents Entertain Often? Reader Question
2/23/14 06:21 PM

NEVER vingegar on cat pee!! Never..I learnt the hard way. Walter White would be able to explain the chemistry, I can't but I know that Borox works.

The Ten Commandments of Buying Used Furniture
2/6/14 07:26 PM

I bought a HWB with a genuine sheepskin cover as an spur-of-the-moment gift for my sister 12 months ago, and it was delivered to her UK address unannounced. Within a day she had rung me saying "I freaking love this!", and quite simply put it is the best thing I have ever given her. We grew up with HWB''s, and I still love having one to snuggle agianst on a cold winter night. They are incrediable if you have period pain, back ache, feel cold to to the bone and are very comforting.
The genuine sheepskin cover makes a HWB even better. Look on ebay.

My Latest Obsession: The Hot Water Bottle
12/12/13 11:56 PM

Woollen ugg boots! They are heavenly, and keep your feet cosy and warm. Also a wheat filled heat bag with a drop of lavender on it to snuggle against while you read/watch TV.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm at Home
12/11/13 06:03 PM

Oh wow! I absolutely love it samma! You did a beautiful job, and thank you for sharing. The stenciling makes it so chic.

Before & After: A Happy Hutch
10/10/13 05:57 PM

I love this house! It's spacious, calm, functional and beautiful. I love the garden too.

Vivi & Gaston's Modern Family Home House Tour
10/10/13 01:51 AM

The end result kind of took my breath away....very, very beautiful.

Before & After: Mid-Century for a New Century
10/1/13 07:19 PM

Love this post..and can we hang out please?

The Volcanos' Cozy Coach House House Tour
9/26/13 11:26 PM

Oh beautiful! I love it so much, especially the cream leather couches. Lovely work, thank you for sharing. It's wonderful to see Australian homes.

Romany's Former Police Station Home House Call
9/5/13 06:57 PM


My worst room mate was a married woman who seemed perfectly fine until the two week mark. She was a vegetarian, cool with that but she asked me not to cook or have any meat products in the house. And she threw out all the meat in the fridge freezer without asking me, which obviously was mine. It would have been nice to have had that conversation prior to moving in.
She also insisted I use a water bed that was hers in my room rather than store it, only problem being she would regulary turn off the heater to save money and I can only assume she thought I could never notice. If you haven't selpt in an unheated water bed, I suggest you lie in a cold bath all night and try to sleep. Same same.
She instisted I have the door of the spare room open while I was on the phone, like some freaky parent checking on who you are talking to. This I presume was to make sure I wrote down all the calls I made, which I did.
She asked me not to park my car on the lawn when I washed it, because it "hurt the grass".
She over-disclosed about her husband's sexual history, and told me had slept with hookers. I remember thinking the poor guy had to do something a bit fun if he had to put up with her.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
9/1/13 11:32 PM

I only found this website a few days and I was actually really touched at how personal it was..and I am consumed with wanting to order from it! I want the pinafore..and the summer weight sheets. Tricia is so beautiful, what a gracious lady. To have her product in her home would make me very happy indeed.

Rough Linen Duvet Cover
8/7/13 09:17 PM