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Skip #5 - premix toppings on Sun into a container for each day in whatever combos are likely to suit your fancy. Then in the morning grab a lettuce box and a toppings box to take with you and mix at lunchtime when you're ready to eat it. I skip the dressing box and keep a container each of oil and vinegar (and salt and pepper) at work to dress as needed (no refrigeration necessary), though that could be premixed, distributed into single servings, and grabbed each morning, too.

5 Tips for Making a Week's Worth of Salads on Sunday Tips from The Kitchn
7/22/14 07:26 PM

It sounds like this will be his first accompanied posting. Try focusing on what you're gaining rather than possibly losing: the community with the other families, the shared experiences (with your own family and with others), the trials and struggles that can make you and your family stronger. A house is just a house. You bring the most important bits with you where ever you go, and it's a stopover, not the final destination.

If you're beginning your life as career military, think furnishings that will move easily (every 3-5 years), and be *you* wherever you land. You likely won't always live on post, and there are fun, interesting homes near many state-side installations, if you look.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 10:32 PM

Consider putting paper towels (or a towel you won't ever need for anything else again) between your cast iron when you stack to reduce scratching. They'll get saturated with oil over time, but you don't have to replace them unless they're getting grimy or ripped. I also keep the cast iron in a different stack than other things to keep from getting everything else greasy.

Why Chef Michelle Marek Stores Her Cast Iron Skillets on the Side of the Cupboard Kitchen Tour
4/4/14 01:19 PM

Try another organization. I've had apartment-dwelling friends adopt from a couple organizations in ATL. They were asked about living arrangements and yards, but that wasn't the only thing they considered when making the placement.

That being said, my 65lb chow mix did MUCH better in an apartment than my 45lb setter mix. Energy level and access to exercise are critical for apartment dogs. (The setter mix is currently running around an ITP yard, happy as a clam. For him, it's all about the sniffing and squirrel-chasing.)

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 07:26 PM

Um, washable, fitted covers that stay on the furniture all the time. No work except to swap out and launder as needed. Sheets and blankets (queen, king) work just fine, too, when they can be tucked around. But I don't have people over that I think might be offended by sitting on covers. Some of the things mentioned are CRUEL (high-pitched noise-makers with keen dog-hearing, what the h???). Why would you ever scare your friend??

We have a simple rule: people get first dibs, but any spot that no one is sitting on is fair game for a dog. If you aren't using it, why can't your buddy?

Quick Tip: How To Protect Your Sofa from Pets Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 07:45 PM

I think that's what we call poked. Yolk broken immediately, well seasoned, flipped and cooked until everything's set. Poked eggs are my favorite.

The Egg Personality Test: What Your Style of Egg Says About You A Strictly Scientific Quiz
3/5/14 07:03 PM

You can make cornbread without flour - there's a good recipe on the side of Lily cornmeal - then use that instead of bread in the stuffing or make it into muffins.

I vote for focusing on things that are naturally GF rather than using substitutes; the subs tend to be very disappointing.

Also, talk to the GF folks you're cooking for - they might have recipes or substitutions they like for some of the things you want to make or be willing to make something to share.

What Are Your Best Tips for Hosting a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving? Good Questions
10/25/13 04:38 PM

I skip all the browning and sauteing - use more herbs, richer stock, etc, to get flavor instead. It's a different profile, but I think it's worth the reduced effort and dirty dishes.

What Are Some Great No-Prep, No-Fuss Slow Cooker Recipes? Good Questions
10/21/13 07:41 PM

The Oriental rug that was in my bedroom as a kid is now in the living room of my house, and the one that was in my brother's bedroom is now in his dining room. High quality rugs certainly outlast anyone being a kid.

\"Adult\" Rugs for Kids' Rooms
9/28/13 09:38 AM

@ceereelyo - Freeze meal-sized portions of the bigger batches.

With a bit of extra effort to get the freezer stocked (a couple of things for the first few weeks), I can cook 5 or more portions of something once a week and eat something different each day (assuming I cook something different each week). Prevents the Friday I've-eaten-the-same-thing-all-week burnout and it gives me enough flexibility to skip a week or two of cooking when things are busy without sacrificing homemade lunches.

And it doesn't matter if the containers fall over or whatever because they're frozen solid.

Learning to Actually Pack (and Eat) Lunch: 3 Tips from a Recovering Lunch Buyer
9/4/13 07:31 PM

zeolites and activated carbons are good, reusable options (the oven works: not magic, science!)
a bowl of vinegar, coffee grounds, or baking soda will all help neutralize odors. replace any when they stop working

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8/7/13 06:44 PM