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I do this, too. (I also use medium eggs, which are available in cartons of 18, so there's not much risk of having them mistaken for our usual dozens of large or jumbo.)

This requires a level of organization that's usually beyond me, but the results are so superior that it's worth it.

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4/17/14 08:20 AM

How about a non-pimiento-cheese appetizer, for us Yankees and other infidels?

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2/5/14 10:05 AM

Julie will probably have to scout out new construction to find a garbage disposal -- they were illegal in New York until the late 1990s, and not many properties have them.

Ask Maxwell: How to Fit a Home Office into a Small Space Apartment Therapy Videos
9/30/13 01:36 PM

I use ice water (a tip from "Joy of Cooking") or sometimes a soak in seasoned rice vinegar (lifted from "Cocktail Food," by Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford).

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6/20/13 01:32 PM

Maybe this is too matchy-matchy, but I'm picturing Louis XIV Ghost chairs and liking them very much with this table.

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7/28/11 09:24 PM

All great points. I wish #4 and #5 in particular could be incorporated into the CL posting interface. Even if you're staging it, measuring and photographing your item is pretty quick! More times than I can count, I've skipped over a listing because I had no idea if the piece would suit my space in size and/or appearance.

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4/8/11 04:38 PM

Crate & Barrel makes two pieces that may help you put together something workable: The Simone Daybed and the City Armless Chaise.

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9/9/09 07:35 PM

As wacky as it sounds, I use a (washed) 35-ounce Utz cheese ball container to hold Costco-size bags of oatmeal. Not the prettiest, but it's food-grade plastic, a hair under 13 inches tall, and super-light.

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6/16/09 06:49 PM