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Hhahah! I was wondering about the bread slices too! I figured we had collectively reached a whole new level of absurd in kitchen styling! lol

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/24/14 08:28 PM

I agree with AdrianeZ - I think intentionally reducing the life of your flooring is problematic. Not only is there an environmental impact in regards to replacing he wood sooner than anticipated, it's also extremely costly! And realizing you need entirely new flooring can not be fun!

I do admire the commitment to the project and can see where the lighting is perhaps not as flattering as it should be and doesn't do much to showcase the new character of the floors, but I personally love the before image!
But that is what is so amazing about this site, there is always something for everyone and it's really great to get a peek into other people's personal home style!

Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
3/24/14 08:19 PM

I was actually just at Target this morning, and found myself eyeing SO many things I totally don't need! That store is a bank account draining, beautiful death trap! I swear every conversation about overspending and 'what did I just do' shopping trips involves Target! Even as I was leaving I overheard two employees complaining about the same thing! lol
Rule no.1 should just be - Don't go to Target!!

It's the Little Things:
5 Ways to Spend Less & Reduce Clutter

3/20/14 04:14 PM

Wow those beds Jamie Lynn posted are really great! I'm not into dark woods right now but even so they're gorgeous! I've been looking for a storage bed for my son and its so hard to find stylish, sturdy, affordable ones outside of PB Kids! I'm totally bookmarking this post in hopes that all the awesome AT readers have stumbled on some more gems!

Top Ten: Best Storage Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
1/31/14 01:00 PM

I moved into a home with the ikea pendant as the diningroom light and its pretty fantastic! It's quite large and very unassuming and gives a really nice downcast light onto the dining table which feels cozy and calm. I'm so shocked its just a $39 fixture! It's great.

Black Out: Chic Black Pendant Lights Inspiration + Shopping Guide
1/28/14 11:22 PM

Thnk youdo much @Anapascal ! I was just wondering the same thing! It's such a beautiful color!!

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel New
1/23/14 04:35 PM

I love these chairs so much! My fingers are so very crossed!! :)

Win: A Barcelona Chair Reproduction from Rove Concepts Giveaway
12/17/13 09:47 PM

Every December I sit with my kids in their room and we empty out the toy boxes and go through the bookshelves and I'm always amazed too at the things my kids are willing to give away! Once beloved toys and old favorite books. It's incredible! But without fail every year we end up with a huge amount of toys we either donate to the local thrift store or charity. The books usually go to the school library because they are desperate for gently used books in good condition! I think it's an awesome way to clean out the old and make room for the new as well as teach your kids to let things go and be generous with others!

Santa's Coming! Time To Clean Out The Toy Closet!
12/17/13 08:08 PM

Soooooooooo beautiful!!!

Enter for a Chance to Win: Aster Chandelier from Jayson Home Holiday Giveaway
12/17/13 03:58 PM

I truly am amazed at all the cowhide hate! It's so ridiculous. I mean, does nobody care about the geese and chicken and other fowl whose feathers were used to stuff those cool throw pillows? Does NOBODY care about the fowl??? Those pillows are cruel. ALL PILLOWS ARE CRUEL! Those BETTER be synthetic down pillows or else I will never read this blog AGAIN!


Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/5/13 04:58 PM

(I totally second the blanket love!)

Does Turning Down the Heat Really Burn More Calories?
11/21/13 01:56 PM

I totally agree! I casually watch that show too, mostly because living in L.A. the real estate market is crazy, so I like to torture myself by gazing upon amazing houses listed at a fraction of what an outhouse would cost you in a nice suburb here. But thats besides the point! All the complaints of ugly paint colors and bad light fixtures drive me nuts. Painting is NOT that hard. And replacing light fixtures? Awesome way to completely change a room and you can do that on a serious budget. Giant bedrooms all painted pink? Are you crazy, you hit the jackpot people! Time to memorize the layout of your local Lowes!

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 01:19 PM

Ah typos! That was supposed to be under-bed storage. But you get the idea! :)

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/8/13 08:30 PM

I recently just moved into a house where apparently they did this... The closet in the kids room is open and stripped, and although I have two kids in that one closet-less bedroom, I think it's wonderful! I'm actually planning on playing around with the space this weekend so this post was completely awesome to find!
That being said, my kids have tons of clothes, toys, and lots of useless stuff. I don't feel like we're hoarders at all, but I also feel like we have may more than we need and not having a big closet for it all to get lost in is a blessing!
I'm planning on making my kids go through all their toys and give away a good deal of it, same with their clothes. And am looking for some affordable beds with built in unserved storage for their clothes. I think the added space is a definite gift, even of its small. And when they're older they can convert the closet back to its original intended purpose, or but a desk in there and viola! You have a study nook. Win win.

There is always a creative solution for everything and changing your space around like this breathes great life into rooms for kids. I'm very much on board with this trend!

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/8/13 08:29 PM

Hex Appeal in white!!! I was JUST looking for tile like that for my bathroom floor! It's gorgeous, and perfect!

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Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 04:32 PM