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I am a professional decorative painter and I suggest you find one in your area. They would really understand your project and desire to paint such a lovely piece. Good luck... otherwise send it to KY and I'll do it for you:)

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4/24/10 12:03 AM

I totally would paint it. As a decorative painter I would, if you are to keep the upholstery, I would paint it white to clean it up and make it a bit more modern. If you change the upholstery I'd gold leaf it and do something super fancy. Have FUN with what ever you do, and go for it!

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2/8/10 08:59 PM

Kyle, I want to live here! As a re-arranger myself I love the endless possibilities of your space and ooo the light is great as well.

Most important to me is that I need to have those white couches :) Where did you get them??

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6/15/09 11:14 PM