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...and yet more lush white interiors! i love this trend of using all white- so fresh and inviting, definitely not boring or sterile-looking.
lovely post. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | An Updated Shabby Chic?
8/17/09 09:57 AM

great ideas! i have all these dilemmas mentioned: no yard, no dining room, etc. but i do have a deck, dock and garden entryway. here's to creative entertaining!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Set-Ups for Entertaining at Home
8/10/09 10:39 AM

The Koons designed M/V Guilty is so bizarre, I couldn't resist writing a blog post some time ago. The crazy exterior is loosely based on a WW1 camouflage design.
The interior is incredible.
"Extreme escape" accommodations indeed!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Extreme Travel: High Design Escapes
7/3/09 11:19 AM

beautiful, creative. love the red. shutters have been a source of inspiration for some of my "older" paintings. lovely to see them used decoratively, in an interior.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Liz's Red Shutters... Indoors
7/1/09 07:40 PM

love these, both of them!
they're popular here in the caribbean (but of course)! although not usually so crisply designed as the first one shown....most are more like the second "rough-around-the-edges "shower".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Indoor/Outdoor Showers Dwell
6/16/09 04:05 PM

My husband and I live in a small condo in the Caribbean. Caribbean buildings are are not insulated and windows remain open for comfort, so sound travels at the most reasonable decibel levels. We can hear quiet conversation, phones ringing, people sneezing, etc. The units near us are often unoccupied, so we are lucky.

Our balcony is small and open to the other neighbors'. We rarely sit out there and eat. It's rather awkward, as there's no way for either party to have a private meal or conversation.

There's little that can be done about noisy neighbors here, so people put up with it around here when someone has a domestic argument or a late-night dinner party. Our neighbors are very polite, understanding that we live in close quarters...small price to pay for the lifestyle and location.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces Austin
6/15/09 03:45 PM