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I run 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water through my coffee maker twice, then a full pot of water through the coffee maker to clean deposits.

Take a baggie & rubber band...pour some vinegar in it, & place baggie onto faucets or shower heads. Secure baggie with rubber band around faucets or shower heads, let soak for a couple hours, then scrub w/ an old toothbrush. Deposits disappear quickly.

Great cleaner (aka volcano!) for garbage disposal--throw baking soda down there, then vinegar...cold water rinse when done foaming.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 1,001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar
10/31/09 03:14 AM

Ladle, Heck Yeah!! Great for pouring spag sauce into canning jars, or Foodsaver bags!

Potato Masher--I use it quite a bit for, well, mashing taters! Also it's awesome for mixing ground meats together, and for whipping up a quick batch of egg salad--I use a potato masher before I use an egg slicer. Just easier that way.

Least used kitchen tool...probably my Electric knife. I don't know why I still hold onto it, but it's in the drawer. I think the last time it was used was to cut the evaporative cooler pads for our swamp cooler...in spring, 2007!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | One Big Kitchen Tool We Have... But Never Use
10/31/09 02:52 AM

I believe Indiana joined the other states and all of it now participates in the DST Spring forward/Fall Back event. Just parts of Indiana are in one time zone (Eastern), and other parts are in another time zone (Central.)

Living in Arizona, no, we don't work with turning back the numerous clocks we have in our home. That's the good part. The BAD part is trying to remember how many hours ahead or behind certain time zones are once everyone else has changed their clocks!

Right now we're the same time as Los Angeles. On Sunday, we'll be the same time as Denver and an hour ahead of L.A. When it comes time for live events on TV (such as football!), we now have to wait another hour to view them...so instead of it starting @ 1000, it's now 1100. Oh well, I guess I can sleep in for another hour! ;-)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Turn Back Time with George Nelson's Ceramic Clocks
10/31/09 02:26 AM

SIXTY DOLLARS to have even pieces? Here's a thought. Take some unwaxed floss, and use THAT to cut the cake slices.

Save the money and d/l the Happy birthday song from iTunes for 99 cents! TADA!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Cake Tray with LED Cutting Guides
10/27/09 12:27 AM

A MIRROR would rock!!! Something interesting, maybe with angles to it to reflect the slate?

Yes, the command 3M strips work great!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Up Against a Stone Wall Good Questions
10/27/09 12:00 AM

Cheep3r5 is right...soak fabric in liquid bleach, apply to wall, and let dry...kinda like a fabric wallpaper. Peel off when finished. I saw a friend do this to her military housing walls and it was gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Casart Wallcoverings: When Painting's Not An Option
10/12/09 04:07 PM

That's cool...but then I wouldn't want to USE the shelves--coz they'd look too pretty to cover! ;-)

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Customize Your Bookcase with Digital Photos
10/10/09 02:57 PM

LOVE it!! Imagine all the various size wheels that could create the clocks! I think of the tricycle size...wheelbarrow sizes.

I have a clock that is on the wall...it is a kit I found at Hobby Lobby and I painted a black square on this wall above the entertainment center. On the border, I hot-glued a fancy gold braiding rope, then I painted the hands gold and it looks pretty darn cool!

HERE is a picture of the clock on my wall.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Hot or Not? Clock made from a Recycled Bike Wheel
10/10/09 02:54 PM

OH yes, in my daughters' bathroom, it was a light blue color that I created by adding off white to a dark blue...mixed it until I liked the shade, then painted the walls & ceiling the same color. Even painted the insert for the doors of the bathroom cupboard that same blue (it was the off white color all over)

Looked pretty darn good, if I say so myself! ;-)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls
10/9/09 04:45 PM

We installed a motion sensor lightswitch in our laundry room, which was SO helpful when we'd walk in there from the garage. The cat box was in the laundry room, but the cat never activated it. Very handy item.

We also installed one over the garage door outside, again, very helpful. I had to install "covers" on the actual switches so we wouldn't turn off the power to the motion sensor!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do Motion-Sensor Lights Save Energy and Money?
10/5/09 10:17 PM

I have a took I found at an auto-parts store that basically does the same thing. It's metal & magnetic, and has a plunger to activate 'claws' to grab items.

No, there's no light attached, but I think I can live without that for the couple dollars I paid for that auto-parts tool!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Alligetter Grabber LED Tool
10/2/09 04:34 AM

My vacuum cleaner beater bar would freak out, and die. NOPE, not my cuppajoe!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Hot or Not: Shoelace Rug
10/1/09 01:53 PM

Reminds me of being in an airplane lavatory!! Nope, not for me!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Modern Sink/Toilet Combo by Roca
10/1/09 01:52 PM

I have a TV that I bought in November, 1993...16 years ago! The only thing wrong with it is the 'on/off' button on the front of it is permanently broken, so we have to use a remote to turn it on and off. (oh, and ex-hubby accidentally threw away the original remote, but universal remotes work just as well.)

I bought a computer (Compaq when it was still Compaq!) in 2001. I managed to replace the fan, sound card, video card, install a network card, max the RAM, and upgraded the OS (from WinME to XP)...it's still working for my stepson. Yeah, it can have some problems, but it's working for its purpose--for him to play computer games & 'edutainment.' I was using this Compaq until last October, when a windfall came my way...and then I bought a laptop that I plan on keeping for a long while.

My stereo equipment...Let's see, All but the turntable (yeah!) are Sony Brand and I've had great luck with that brand for audio electronics. My receiver was bought in 1992, along with the 5 disk CD player, and dual cassette player. Upgraded the speakers in '95 to Bose and they still rock! (pun intended!)....

In other words, I'll keep it until it breaks! Okay, there are 2 TV's that are an exception to the rule. We just didn't need them anymore--we chose to get the TV out of the bedrooms. However, we Freecycled them and they aren't in our garage anymore!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How Soon is Too Soon To Buy Up the Next Big Gadget?
10/1/09 01:43 PM

Very easy way to get rid of your old TV's. FREECYCLE!!

http://www.freecycle.org is their website.

I got rid of 2 still working televisions in a day. A lot of emails had the question, "Can I hook up a gaming system to this?" (answer was yes!)

Great way to recycle your stuff that probably wouldn't sell at a yard sale!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Why You Can't Even Give Away Tube TVs Anymore
10/1/09 01:07 PM

I've been using a pair of headphones from Panasonic that are flat enough that I can sleep on my side w/o any discomfort. I use earplugs (due to hubby's snoring!) and I can hear the music well w/ the headphones & earplugs.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Doze Off to Music with the Sound Asleep Pillow
9/1/09 08:15 PM

Good Idea...I could see 2 of these with a 'bridge' to hold a monitor/laptop.

It does make me wonder about the plugs that has a power transformer?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Power Bridge Turns Cord Management Upside Down
9/1/09 08:08 PM

A couple things:

A. Got rid of the ex-husband! He was such a downer and negative thinking person. Found a new man and he is my life, my love and my world!

B. The TV in the bedroom. New Hubby suggested it, and even though I've had a TV in a bedroom for a long time, I don't really miss it. I <B>have to have a radio in the bedroom though!! Hubby just bought me a clock radio w/ an iPod dock and boy howdy I'm lovin' it!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Best Thing We Ever Got Rid Of
8/16/09 08:02 PM

Well, reading all these pet peeves makes me realize not much does bother me so much...and if some of you came to my place, you'd be gasping!

Overstuffed matching beige leather reclining furniture? CHECK.

Matching recliners? CHECK
Picture Collages? CHECK
stuffed animals? CHECK
Bookcases with open shelves? cHECK
Clutter? CHECK
Wall to wall carpeting? CHECK (it's not our house!)
magnets on the fridge? (oh, AND our chest freezer!) CHECK...
cusioned toilet seat, CHECK....
Bland tan carpeting...check......

I don't have a showy house, it'll never be in a designer magazine. My house is comfy, my furniture is comfier and that's fine with me!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/16/09 07:57 PM

Okay, I guessed NOW only because everything comes back in style...so maybe I'll be right after all....like a forecaster!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess the Decade: Colorful Cozy Living Room - Answer
8/16/09 07:18 PM