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My husband and I are both vegetarians. We were vegan for a year but didn't particularly enjoy it and didn't feel that we were being that much more eco-friendly, as a lot of the supplements and things we had to buy extra sort of counterbalanced our efforts. While for most people a vegan diet may be more healthy and more environmentally friendly, my health issues just didn't let me stick with it. Our dog is fed a vegetarian diet and has been on this diet since he was a puppy. He is healthy and eats vegetarian dog kibble, broccoli, green beans, and sometimes other veggies or fruit. When we buy treats for him, we find the peanut butter or cheese flavored ones that are not meat-based.

We try to "green" other areas of our lifestyle as well, but sometimes these efforts end up in epic fail - due to my husband's job situation, we are forced to live in a rental. We do try to recycle, use LEDs or CFLs, etc. We also tend to lean toward restaurants that are family-run businesses and use local and/or organic produce. We got rid of our gas-guzzling beast and switched to a more fuel efficient car. We also use central heat sparingly, try to keep a paperless home, use cloths instead of papertowels and hankies instead of tissues, etc.

How Far Would You Go? Greening All, Most, or Part of Your Lifestyle? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
11/10/09 06:50 PM

No idea here, but I would like to know as well. That's a really cool find!

Apartment Therapy New York | A Source For Similar Stainless Steel Kitchen Storage? Good Questions
10/26/09 09:38 AM

Nice post! I actually did something similar. I made an entertainment center out of a Besta unit. Although the doors are glass, the closed back and low clearance between shelves made a cooling fan a necessity for the Xbox 360. I used a more powerful 3 speed fan with a 12V power supply. I want to add a switch later to make operating the fan a bit more convenient (right now I just have to plug-in and unplug as needed). I also mounted my power strip inside the unit, cut holes to run the wiring, frosted the glass on the doors, and added Dioder LEDs to the inside of the cabinet.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Cooling Down Your Media Unit With Computer Fans
10/21/09 01:15 PM

Impressive. A bold choice of colors and patterns, but it totally works!

Apartment Therapy DC | Sarah's 'Pumpkin Patch' 'Citrus Blast' Room for Color - South #18
10/17/09 08:34 AM

I really like this. I've always liked the combination of lilac and aqua, although I would have never thought of adding brown to the mix. The rug is a really nice touch too.

Apartment Therapy DC | Kelly's Lilac, Aqua Brown Home Office Room for Color - East #26
10/15/09 05:09 PM

I like how the owner used the Expedit units beneath the window/slope to give an almost built-in effect. The room looks very cozy!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Maja's Color Intuition Room for Color - International #3
10/7/09 08:18 AM

I like this, but I think the pink would be disorienting in real life, at least for me.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Ros's Hot Pink Bedroom Room for Color - International #9
10/7/09 08:16 AM

I love this! It looks cozy, and I particularly like the choice of wall color and the use of industrial elements.

If the owners are reading this, where did you get your bar stools?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Suzy Adam's Lofty Intentions Room for Color - West #9
10/7/09 08:13 AM

I don't really think of Ikea as a status symbol. I like it because most of their stuff is practical, affordable, and easy to customize. I think the whole status symbol idea comes into play because some of the items at Ikea look expensive, even though they aren't.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA as Status Symbol?
9/24/09 05:51 PM

I sleep better when my husband is around. I use his chest as a pillow :) Sometimes I accidentally shove him toward the edge of the bed or he steals the blankies, but it hasn't been a huge issue. My parents, on the other hand, have to sleep in separate rooms because my daddy snores and my mom is a very light sleeper.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Couples Don't Sleep Well Together...
9/24/09 10:50 AM

I thought of more things I hate

-Those little fuzzy toilet lid covers
-Hiding your pet - even when my house is neat as a pin, I let my dog keep his toys and things out in the open. Our house says "these people are boring and spend too much on electronics, but at least they love their dog."
-tissue box covers...I mean, come on!
-I agree with the wicker furniture thing, reminds me of the Golden Girls set...eww.
-When parents decorate their kids' rooms in an overly adult manner. Sure, the Hannah Montana comforter and Care Bear wall stickers are tacky, but let them be kids and enjoy it. Or else find a stylish compromise that teaches them good style but uses colors or designs that make them smile.
-Huge kitchens, especially since the people who can afford them are rarely the type to use them
-Small bathrooms. I know lots of people who like to pretend that they never poop, but for those of us who do, we don't want to feel like we're in the closet.
-Matching designer pots and pans sets
-Trying to pass pots, pans, fiestaware, etc. off as decor
-Extravagant and painstakingly organized "craft rooms". You probably spend more time organizing your fabric and color coding your scrapbook paper than you do actually crafting.
-Anything countrified - ducks, chickens, piggies, gingham, horse and cowboy motif, furniture that is supposed to look like a white washed fence, etc.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/17/09 11:59 AM

- bad lighting
- hiding a computer in an armoire
- mounting a phone on the wall
- dark wood furniture
- trying to make things look antiqued that aren't
- visible wiring for electronics
- clear glass doors on a book case/shelving unit (frosted are fine though since you can't see all the stuff behind the door)
- any brown/beige/yellow tint in the wall paint
- random thrift store toys being used as decoration
- fake plants
- too many photos/art pieces in one place
- non-functional furniture pieces
- using cheapo Target stuff in the entire room then throwing in a DWR, Anthropologie, or other stylish item and thinking it "makes the room"
- trying to pass off clutter as a "design element"
- using stock Ikea furniture. I <3 Ikea, but there are so many possibilities for making a custom piece from the items in that store.
-being too scared of OR too liberal with bright colors

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/15/09 09:45 AM

Very creative! I love this!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Final Frame: Deadline
6/13/09 08:20 AM

We don't have cable tv or a landline. Our TV is basically the "Xbox monitor". I'm not big on tv/movies anyway, but I do like anime. We get movies, tv shows, etc. from iTunes, and I watch anime for free online. We mainly just have water, power, cell phones, a data plan for my iPhone, and a cheap internet connection. I've thought about dropping the home internet service (we did go without home internet for over a year once), but I can't do it at the moment because we both take online classes. Off topic, but why cut utilities/technology services only? I think the first thing people should cut are magazine/newspaper subscriptions. Not only are they a waste of paper, but the same information can easily be found online.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Which Home Technology Service Would You Cut First?
6/13/09 08:17 AM