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Here's a post I did about Gina's downstairs shop, Cominichi's, in Santa Barbara:

It's as wonderful as you imagine! There are many vendors who comb Southern California for the greatest, most unique vintage finds - and their treasures all end up here, at Cominichi's. I love it.

Gina's Vintage Bohemian Home Atop the Shop
House Tour

6/1/11 10:59 PM

OMG - tell your kids I LOVE their creativity...I thought I saw a fairy peeking out of the little pumpkin house.

Really - thanks, kids, for reminding grownups how great it is to be a kid - and for showing us where the fairies live....

you guys rock.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | My Great Outdoors: Kristin's Fairy Garden
7/7/09 12:43 AM

What a beautiful, magical place - for kids and grown ups! Colorful, enchanting, mysterious....lovely!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | My Great Outdoors: Malgorzata's Colorful, Fruitful Garden
6/22/09 10:16 PM

What a beautiful solution! How lucky you are to have Jim - visionary and craftsman. Your entrance is a special portal into a special garden....good job, you two!

Apartment Therapy DC | My Great Outdoors: JoAnn's Secret Shed
6/18/09 10:11 AM

What a great idea! Very creative use of items - the stove is inspired!

I had a play kitchen that my mom and dad made in the shade of our avocado tree when I was young - I LOVED it! I know your son will have many happy summer hours in his kitchen - and lots of memories, forever!

Good job, Mom and Dad!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | My Great Outdoors: Outdoor Play Kitchen
6/12/09 09:10 PM