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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! All of it. So much inspiration. The natural light of this home is wonderful as well as Lori's paintings.

Darling couple too!

Lori & Monte's Fun California Modernism House Tour
8/7/13 04:15 PM

the table came from ikea @plants and had many years of wear outside which gave it that weathered look. i THINK they still sell them....

Jennifer & Nello's Hunter/Gatherer Home
House Tour

12/6/12 03:31 PM


Ruby's Gem of a Room Kids Room Tour
9/11/12 05:15 PM

LOVE your leather/chrome chairs in the family room. where did you get them?

Marina Replicates Her Boston Home House Tour
5/24/12 01:48 PM

doh! i meant soy lecithin...

Xanthan Gum in Ice Cream: Good or Bad?
5/23/12 01:26 AM

i work for Sambazon (www.sambazon.com) who makes organic, vegan acai sorbet. we have to add Xantham Gum so the fats (omegas) don't separate from the rest of the ingredients. it keeps it smooth and creamy in texture. not a bad thing at all....

Xanthan Gum in Ice Cream: Good or Bad?
5/23/12 01:24 AM

how much do you pay per submission if chosen?

We're Hiring: Tour Contributors Apartment Therapy Editorial Job Search
5/23/12 01:19 AM

thank you guys SO MUCH for all of your helpful suggestions. steam pot! makes sense now. and yes, i will refrain from using it as i have no clue who made it or if it contains any harsh elements. i think it's so beautiful.

thank again!

How Do I Use This Clay Pot? Product & Shopping Questions
5/18/12 12:59 PM

super rad spot
rad couple too with an eye for humor in art.
love it.

Keith & Fran's Arty Geodesic Dome Home House Tour
3/30/12 03:18 PM

i love it! total city dweller/sf REAL home loveliness. i appreciate all of the details and the story behind each item. much more personal than a home decorated from a store or decorator. thanks for sharing!

Bill's Story-Filled San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/27/12 05:13 PM

i'm addicted and love it. i signed up when it first started. i tried to get my mom to sign up too but she just told me you now need a facebook or twitter account to be a "member." LAME. they'd be smart to drop that. they're going to loose out on a lot of people that don't want to join the social networks.

Psychologists Pin Why Pinterest is so Addictive
Design News 02.17.12

2/17/12 11:14 PM

good stuff! and yes, bath towels...where are they from?

Rachel & Kevin's Los Feliz Love Shack
House Tour

1/24/12 05:20 PM

as someone that lives in a spanish style home and loves mid-century, this was a piece of eye candy. two questions, where did you get your living room rug from and those great kilim pillows on your bed?

well done!

A Spanish Style Meets Mid C Home
Professional Project

1/4/12 11:51 PM

really lovely. beautiful photos too....
love your fireplace!

Guy & Jennifer's Contemporary California Modern Home
House Tour

12/15/11 12:39 PM

awesome! love me some brassy goodness too.

Before & After: A Pink to Poodle Chair Makeover
Bijou and Boheme

12/13/11 12:44 PM

lovely, eclectic and personal. well done!

Alison & Eric's Chic Eclectic Home
House Tour

12/11/11 04:33 PM

where did you get that rad coffee table from?

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
House Tour

11/30/11 05:17 PM

where is your crib from?

Tomas and the Forest
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #25

11/30/11 05:14 PM

i'm in love with this website. thank you for sharing!

Stylish Moms & their Homes Take Center Stage on The Glow
11/21/11 06:29 PM

where is you crib skirt from? love the color combos in your room. well done!

Gray's Modern Jungle Safari
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #9

11/18/11 05:45 PM