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Hey Jess,

Unless something has changed, the molded plastic chairs are made in Europe, still contracted by Vitra. Same goes for the Swag Leg series.

New Muted, Modern Colors for Eames Molded Plastic Chairs | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/6/10 06:45 PM

Hey there,

I was wondering what color you painted the living room? What brand of paint, and what color name? I painted our living room a light grey a few days ago, but i think I want it just a shade darker. I really like yours.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Wes, Kayla Bacon's Brookline Remix House Tour
11/3/09 05:31 PM

Yes, but if you don't buy something as iconic as an Eames Lounger, people might just think your chair is from IKEA...and we wouldn't want that. ;)

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Within Reach: Delists Itself from NASDAQ Sells 91% for $15m
8/19/09 04:51 PM

yeah, the design without of reach is retarded. anyone who knows the company knows Rob's vision wasn't affordability, but a accessibility. when the company launched it was impossible to get this furniture without going through an interior designer or architect and paying their costs ontop of the MSRP - not to mention the 6 month lead time. DWR meant "in stock and ready to ship"....which is something they aren't anymore either.

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Within Reach: Delists Itself from NASDAQ Sells 91% for $15m
8/19/09 03:52 PM

To Mary B C,

I am in no way saying DWR is cheap, but have you ever heard of brands like Moroso, B&B Italia, Cappellini, or De La Espada? Yes, I think you could put together a wonderful house on a budget. Most pieces I have the DWR sells are vintage originals which I obtained for 80% less. But to think that DWR is the top of the line when it comes to pricing, DWR has brands that are the bread and butter of modernism, most have been around since for more than 50 years. Their falter is their bricks and mortar stores they have so many of in useless locations. They've spread themselves too thin. If they had remained an internet based company with several locations across the US, they wouldnt be in this mess. Look at Room & Board, not completely comparable, but they have less than 10 stores total and are considerably larger than DWR. DWR is the 7/11 of modern furniture. It was their greed that got them to where they are (60 stores , going public WAY too fast). Ray Brunner should be fired (even if he is, he'd get his huge payout- just look at their public financial information), but atleast if that would happen it might get them back on track. DOWN WITH RAY BRUNNER!

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Within Reach: Delists Itself from NASDAQ Sells 91% for $15m
8/19/09 03:21 PM

I like your post, but I really expected to see more variety in the room layouts - there are Eames chairs in 2 of your photos. I've often said almost any chair will work with that table, though I don't really like the french styled chairs in the second photo.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | One Table, Five Ways
7/23/09 06:08 PM

Is this person wanting the Organic chair, or the Executive side chair. The executive side chair is in the photo. If they are wanting the Eames/Saarinen Organic chair, that's going to be tough to find vintage as not many were made. Vitra's reproductions are extremely expensive. It's your call. I've seen a knock off Organic and it looks pretty good - although I'm not really a fan of knock offs - but everyone else is right, if you are wanting the chair in the photo, the CL is your best bet. There are some in Milwaukee right now for cheap, and Ebay has a ton! good luck

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Is There a Better Quality Knockoff? Good Questions
7/21/09 06:14 PM

wow, win this ugly sofa! great prize! i'll put in CL the day i get it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Win the Bogart Sofa from Plummers! Thursday Giveaway
7/9/09 05:04 PM

What planet are you from? Bubble Lamps have been available from Modernica for the past 10 years. They recently re-issued the Criss-Cross series in Pear, Cigar, and Ball which have been absent since the 1960s. When Howard Miller produced them, ALL designs were available in either regular or CC. Still, pretty cool you can get the CC again, but they are expensive! if only they'd reissue the Diamond.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | We Love... Lamp: George Nelson Bubble Lamps Reissued
6/11/09 03:39 PM