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I wanted to attempt the same thing, but there is no electrical wiring in the bedroom ceiling AND there's a big ol' bulkhead above the bed. I figured I'd have to go with some sort of swag situation, but I don't know how to make it look inconspicuous.

Suggestions For Hanging Pendant Lamp In The Bedroom?
Good Questions

3/30/11 09:48 PM

I don't know if it was just bad luck, but of the 2 vintage lamps that I rewired, both had very narrow channels through which I had to fish the new wiring. The old cords were smaller than the new replacement I bought at the hardware store. It was a vicious fight to push/pull/will the new, thicker wiring through the almost-too-small opening. Almost gave up, but now glad that I didn't.

How To Wire a Lamp Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy DC
2/27/10 03:52 PM

I re-use my empty glass Perrier or San Pellegrino water bottles, work great for tap water.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Suggestions for Good Reusable Drink Containers? Good Questions
10/15/09 11:25 AM

I made the granita version of this plum sorbet, and I ain't a star in the kitchen, but it was amazing.

Also, I subsituted Pimms for the marsala. So good.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Juicy Plums: Eight Lovely Dishes To Make With Plums
9/14/09 11:31 PM

I like for all my media business to be well-concealed, so I like the ones with doors that hide everything. But if the remote control(s) won't work through the doors, isn't that a p.i.t.a/eyesore to have to leave them open while watching TV or a DVD? That's why I like my IKEA Besta with the frosted glass doors. Out of sight. Literally.

Apartment Therapy New York | 5 Small Scale Media Cabinets
7/14/09 03:36 PM

I like Missoni in small doses. Those chairs are delightful though - imagine the pattern they would make on the backs of your thighs after sitting, bare-legged, in one of them for a while!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Missoni Home Store/Cafe in Athens
7/10/09 02:46 PM