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Graeme's Architecturally Inspired Handmade Guitar Amplifier
9/3/13 10:52 PM

I have to jump in here! First off- I agree with a few others on here about people making asinine comments. If you don't have anything constructive to say, please keep it to yourself.

Understand that there are other AT "members" that appreciate and purchase "higher-end" design.
Lisanne - As for selling the sofa - earlier suggestions hit it on the spot and here is my two cents- Craigslist is the first place you should try - It's hit or miss but it's free and can't hurt! I know many dealers (around the country) and collectors like myself scour the ads looking for nice pieces.

Second- consign at local shops.

Third - FurnishD seems like a great option but i have not tried yet so i can't vouch for how they operate.

It's a very nice sofa and i guarantee that someone will eventually buy! I've sold many "high ticket" pieces for furniture via craigslist, ebay , auctions and flea markets.


Where Can I Sell My High End Second Hand Sofa?
Good Questions

7/28/10 09:08 AM

Sam Haskins

Info on Photo Hanging in Michael Bargo's Apartment? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
7/13/10 07:17 PM

Forgot to add the concept for this shot: We thought it would be fun to play with the idea of an office share by two people that have completely different work habits and needs. The models featured in the actual ad were twin sisters (the actual ones from the old double-mint commercials) and the set and cabinetry were supposed to showcase their individual work areas. Notice one side has open cabinetry and the other doors/closed cabinetry. Also, they are both Entomologists-which explains the scientific feel and dressing. Using the Prouve' chairs was strictly aesthetic and my selfish plug for one of my favorite designers. Notice the yin and yang feel with the black and white combo.

Final Frame: The Perfect Home Office for Two | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/10/10 08:42 PM

Funny to see the set i designed and created for CA Closets! That set was actually really huge with slanted glass ceiling and large (faux) steel framed sliding doors in front. The office was built lower than the rest of the set so you stepped down, into the room.

It was designed for the print ads as well as for a film/commercial that was scrapped last minute. Hence the size of the set itself.

About the details - the wood is Zebrano (zebra wood) and the chairs are Prouve' standard chairs. I sourced all of the props from local San Francisco stores except for the prouve chairs which were mine that i shipped from NY just for this shot!

I designed 10 different sets for this campaign and it was one of my favorite jobs i've done. Great to see it still floating around many years later!!

Final Frame: The Perfect Home Office for Two | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/10/10 08:31 PM

I have recessed fixtures throughout my entire condo. I like the look but find the replacement annoying - both physically hard to change but also very expensive bulbs ($4-$8 each).

my fixtures are high quality commercial. If i were to design a building myself, i'd have recessed fixtures but use something easier to change and cheaper.

Does Recessed Lighting Add Value? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/17/10 06:16 PM

Carter Kustera


Apartment Therapy New York | Unusual Custom Silhouettes
9/4/09 10:10 PM

beautifully done!

Apartment Therapy New York | Entrance Remodel with Pergola Happy Creek
6/18/09 10:45 AM

wow. It was bad enough the crappy economy has weakened the amount of work for those of us working in the interior design field, now we have to worry about losing clients to the poor, old un-employed lawyers !

Who isn't an interior designer nowadays!? Seriously!

Apartment Therapy DC | Recession Result: Lawyer Gordon Chin Turns to Interior Design
6/15/09 04:57 PM




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6/10/09 11:01 PM