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Looks great, but I wonder if the total price / time / effort wouldn't be comparable to having something done custom. Bookshelves are relatively inexpensive to have made. While Billy is a great value, the shelves do warp after a few years.

Before & After: Jenny's Built-in IKEA Billy Bookshelves Little Green Notebook
1/11/13 11:14 AM

Muji also has awesome containers, stacking drawers and lots of other well-designed stuff (they are Japanese). If there's no store near you, the Museum of Modern art has a lot of their products

Get Organized: 7 Resources for
Stashing-Your-Stuff Supplies

1/3/13 02:40 PM

Totally understand your concern about critters, and especially bed bugs, which can be incredibly time-consuming, difficult and expensive to get rid of.

If you really love the piece, it may be worth investigating having it fumigated (this has to be done in an off-site location by professionals to really work) - or perhaps hiring a company with critter-seeking dogs to check it out?

Extreme measures, but an ounce of prevention ...

Will Steam Cleaning Kill the Wee Critters? Good Questions
4/11/12 05:57 PM

P.S. Loved @Blandwagon's comment about this not working for storing anything heavier than an M&M!

Storage on the Ceiling: Kiss Garage Clutter Goodbye
The Family Handyman

10/5/11 02:07 PM

Besides this looking cool in a blog post, as others have said, I think a shelf hanging from the ceiling would make for much more accessible - and flexible - storage. With this system you're wedded to the bins. With a shelf you could store larger items like skis, kayak, etc.

Storage on the Ceiling: Kiss Garage Clutter Goodbye
The Family Handyman

10/5/11 02:06 PM

Genius. Go it one better - label the cleaning bottles on the (narrow) sides so you can see what's what instantly.

Under Sink Solution: Hang Spray Bottles From Tension Rod
A Thousand Words

6/29/11 09:45 AM

Seems like it would be cumbersome to have to hold the edge of the bag onto the cap bottom while pouring, or to reconfigure after each use. I like TwixIt plastic clips to re-seal bags. Much easier and studier than twist ties.

A Useful Re-use of Plastic Bottle Caps
5/25/11 10:41 PM

Twist-ties work well too!

Use Toilet Paper Tubes to Transport Bathroom Cords
4/20/11 04:46 PM

To further get a sense of how much space a piece will take up, you can also mock it up in 3D - even just putting a suitcase where your table might go will help you determine if it's too bulky for your tiny place.

Getting double- and triple-duty furniture also helps in a small space.

RIP which had a great collection of items scaled to fit a small space and help maximize every nook.

Strategies for Living Small
4/20/11 04:41 PM

Wow! Gorgeous! Amazing how Gillian deftly coordinates so many colors, textures and objects.

All these elements could easily look chaotic. This inspires me to go bolder in my own home.

Great to see how she divides the living room space into so many different functions - so important in NYC where rooms have to do double- and triple-duty.

Love the creative use of books as a console table - fabulous way to display and use the books you're keeping because you love them but don't read often.

Looking around my space I can see how "injections" of the right colors could make a huge difference.

Gillian Colors Her World House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/16/10 10:02 AM

It's now up for sale - says something about its livability - or lack thereof. A friend is househunting in NJ and looked at it. Her comment "For $2million your don't want your children living in cinderblock cubes." Cool idea. Dumb house.

Look!: Adam Kalkin's Bunny Lane House | Apartment Therapy New York
2/24/10 08:44 PM

Looks fab, but I hope Nancy just put her computer at that rakish angle for the photo, otherwise she could be headed for serious back, neck and wrist problems.

Your keyboard and monitor should be lined up directly in front of you. No twisting!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Nancy's Highly Efficient Office Space
6/10/09 08:26 PM