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A friend of our served popped sorghum at a picnic - like little tiny pieces of popcorn.

Whole Grain Primer: 5 Ways to Use Sorghum This Summer
6/28/13 04:34 PM

Wow! Awesome. I celebrated father's day at the local H-MArt. I love that store, although they don't seem to sell any vegetarian cabbage kim chi. I'm definitely going to try this.

Easy Pickle Recipe: Cucumber Kimchi Bites Recipes from The Kitchn
6/19/13 11:28 AM

Malibu Baybreeze - it's a girly drink, but everyone likes them.

Ideas for an Easy, Crowd-Friendly Cocktail for My Wedding Reception? Good Questions
5/20/13 05:13 PM

Here's a nice recap of what one drinker pays per year for very good, sustainable coffee. Also has a nice comparison to k-cup costs and her costs in years past: http://www.coffeehabitat.com/2013/01/my-year-in-beans-2012-2/

The Coffee Threshold: How Much Is Too Much to Pay For a Cup of Joe?
3/8/13 01:40 PM

Love this guy. I need to get his books.

Bryant Terry's 5 Essentials for a Modern, Soulful Kitchen Expert Essentials
2/13/13 10:57 AM

I love Herbivoracious - delicious, authentic vegetarian food. No fake meat stuff. Lots of great info too.

The Best Cookbooks of 2012: What Were Your Favorite Finds This Year?
12/5/12 03:30 PM

I can't believe someone is making money off this. Jealous that I didn't think of it... Cheers to the people who get other people to buy unitaskers.

Lid Sid: A Cute Way to Blow Off Steam!
11/27/12 02:34 PM

I'm always worried that I'm going to burn whatever I'm baking but at the same time I worry that things are under-cooked. I know the typical techniques for checking done-ness. It's just stressful to me.

What Are Your Baking Hang-Ups?
11/12/12 12:47 PM

Darn, Rosaak beat me to it too.

Recommendations For Baking and Preserving Cookbooks? Good Questions
10/12/12 10:20 AM

We have a Kenmore oven where the back panel got so hot, you couldn't touch it. The buttons on the rear panel for turning the oven on actually began bubbling up. We had Sears replace it with a new one. The panel no longer gets hot but the vents below it, which are metal, do get very hot. Like Stan, I use the heat to my advantage. Be careful of metal pot handles being left too close.

Help! My New Oven Is Venting Too Much Heat Good Questions
10/8/12 03:16 PM

Most NJ diners ive been to serve a different style of hash browns. They are more like sliced or chunked potatoes fried on a griddle. My understanding is they are baked or parboiled first.

How to Make Diner-Style Hash Browns
3/8/12 12:12 AM

I thought they just tasted like MSG.

Homemade Doritos Spice Mix: Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Totally Addictive
3/1/12 02:33 PM

You can get Tim Tams in the US now via Pepperidge Farm, but I believe the recipe is ever-so-slightly different, but equally delicious.

What Are Must-Try Australian Foods?
Good Questions

1/27/12 10:11 AM

Had my honeymoon there in 2008. An interesting bar food found in Melbourne and Sydney is potato wedges with chili sauce and sour cream. It's great, especially with some Aussie beer. Barramundi, a local fish, is also very tasty. There are interesting fruits around too. Kangaroo is available in a lot of places, but we didn't try it. I was willing, wife was not.

Due to the close proximity to Asia, there are lots of Asian foods especially Malaysian.

When you're in Cairns, see if you can get up to the Daintree Rainforest. It's awesome. Two interesting places are the Tropical Fruit Winery http://www.shannonvalewine.com.au/ and the Daintree Ice Cream Company http://www.australiablog.com/places-to-go/the-daintree-ice-cream-company.html


What Are Must-Try Australian Foods?
Good Questions

1/27/12 09:50 AM

My local restaurant calls this gob dol bap and a cold version as bibimbap. What's the difference?

Vegetarian Recipe: Korean Dolsot Bibimbap
1/26/12 08:13 AM

@Teawithpaloma - do you need to soak the seaweed first in water?

Can You Help Me Perfect Seaweed Salad at Home?
Good Questions

9/14/11 10:28 AM

The Learning Tower is also multi-purpose. It has an add-on chalkboard and puppet theater. I think other things as well.

4 Fun Accessories for Kids in the Kitchen
8/25/11 04:53 PM

Not sure if they ship to Canada, but these guys are making a name for themselves p with their ketchup in NJ http://www.first-field.com/

Help Me Find Interesting, Unique Varieties of Ketchup!
Good Questions

8/16/11 02:35 PM

My mother has been getting heat for years about her fried egg sandwiches for school lunch. Imagine a fried egg sandwich, cold, squished paper thin. Nasty. Also, cheese and crackers was fairly common along with some soup.

Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?
4/11/11 01:47 PM

You all should look into baby-led weaning. Our son is 15 months and has never been given traditional baby food. He has eaten pureed foods like hummus, but we've never pureed his whole meals. He has been feeding himself, for the most part, since 6 months. Also, keep in mind that the solids prior to 1 year are mostly for practice and not nutrition. Babies can't digest most of what they're given at that point. Nutrition at that point still comes from breastmilk or formula, as the case may be. And research has shown that rice cereal is just pointless, unhealthy crap. -Patrick

Making Your Own Baby Food: Teja Keeps it Healthy & Fun
1/7/11 06:41 PM