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Well I for one love the after - the color combinations (yellow rug, wood desk/floors, blue wall) are perfect. Luckily if you owned the space you could put your own antler-free accessories in :)

My complaint: where the heck is a link to the actual project? It doesn't seem to exist on those sites! I was trying to find the room dimensions, because it looks like exactly the size of my (soon to be built) spare room, complete with large, low window. Would you all think maybe 7' wide at the back? Maybe 10' long from the view of the picture?

I'm definitely feeling better about my room's size and what I can do with it from this post!

Before & After: A Home Office Goes Pretty and Posh Professional Project
4/19/14 01:26 PM

AT, timely as ever! This small space month has been fantastic for me. I am renovating an ~1000 square foot condo, and my architect put in a second bedroom for me, which is 7.5x11.

I was looking forward to the small bathroom article promised in the email, but I'm sure that's upcoming :)

Design Dozen: 12 Clever Space-Saving Solutions for Small Bedrooms
4/18/14 01:51 PM

@Mid-C Frank: Definitely a specific, small sample. But remember the entire country is gaining population because of births and immigration, so that's why even the high move-out rate cities are gaining in population.

Top 10 Cities People Move To & From Design News
4/7/14 04:51 PM

Though funny in spirit, I agree with, well, pretty much everyone who has commented so far that this is the pretty sad state of things in the US, where around 20% do not have any insurance. And if one of the above situations occur? A lifetime of financial ruin, or permanent issues if the medical issue is left untreated.

This isn't political (waiting for the inevitable backlash here), just - isn't this something important we say as a country we shouldn't allow to happen?

Hopefully you make it through just fine, Tess.

Household Tasks To Avoid Until My Health Insurance Kicks In
4/7/14 04:37 PM

Regarding #2, it's really best to buy those plastic seed-starter containers from the garden stores - the ones they grow all of their seeds in, with the tray underneath.
You know, one of these:;ft_seed_starting-ft_pots_trays;pg109048.html
In one of these:;ft_seed_starting-ft_pots_trays;pg109051.html

With the tray underneath filled with water, this will sub-irrigate the soil and keep it perfectly moist - which is really the best, fastest way to go. Egg shell containers lack the sub-irrigation (so you need to constantly keep well watered). And, for a lot of plants like tomatoes, they quickly become too small. Once you go sub-irrigation, you'll never go back!!

They only cost a few bucks, but are reusable and well worth it, in my opinion.

Start from Seed: Tips to Grow Your Garden Cheaply
2/20/14 05:47 PM

My ultra-last-minute, total panic tip. Save the bathroom counter/toilet wipe down for last. When my guests come in, I greet them, and shortly after excuse myself to use the bathroom. I wipe everything down in the 3 extra minutes that gives me :)

Last Minute Tips & Tricks for Making a Messy House Seem Cleaner! Reader Intelligence Report
7/11/13 08:56 PM

I just wanted to say, I am jealous of all of you with these awesome, well-made old food processors!! I had a newer Hamilton Beach, probably used it 20 times, when the plastic center rod out of the base cracked. It can't be replaced, and you can't use the blade attachments. I don't have any idea what new one to buy, because they all seem to be made of breakable parts. The top, sub-$150 food processors on America's Test Kitchen are all discontinued.

Also you get to own something with an awesome name :)

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: My Very First, Circa Early '80s Food Processor
2/28/13 02:57 PM

America's Test Kitchen absolutely defended the garlic press too. There is zero reason, taste-wise, you shouldn't use one (unless you need slices or larger pieces of garlic). My mom always used one, I own one, I use it all the time. No shame!!!

The defense, also @yulichka for reviews:

Oh also, you can use it for mincing ginger, or for anchovies for a dressing or soup.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Cheap Aluminum Garlic Press
2/28/13 11:40 AM

Holy cow, this is one of the most exciting things I've seen on here in a long time! I need to hold myself back before I run home and start concrete-ing every surface of my home :)

And I just did a price check: it took them 3 10lb bags, and they're $15 each online. $45 and 3 part-time days. Gasp.

(By the way, any of the questions above about weight or longevity, color or sealing, they answer very well on their blog post.)

Before & After: Laminate Countertop
Goes Concrete!
Kara Paslay Designs

9/24/12 11:13 AM

On a similar track to Kaeldra, I'd love to see some tips/tricks on side dishes. I can often spend a long time creating a fabulous main course (often based on recipes here). Then I find myself running out of creative steam and simply serving with frozen veggies, or a side salad, or a baked potato. I have no idea where to start - and choose something that will complement the main dish but not overwhelm it.

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You'd Like Us To Blog About!
4/30/12 05:56 PM

Emmi, I'm so glad someone else has gotten the same poor attitude from checkers when bringing in your own bags. It's funny that most chain grocery stores around here will give a small discount (5 cents per bag) for bringing your own in, but they don't seem to have trained the cashiers that this is something they want customers to do.

I would say, maybe they need an empty bag caddy thing for cloth bags to make them easier to bag. Oh, if I ran a grocery store...

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
4/27/12 02:52 PM

So for #3, you say "The stem of the glass allows us to hold the glass without having our hand on the actual bowl and 'interfere' with the wine's temperature."
Then you go on to recommend stemless glasses?

I'm not one to come on and criticize, but I don't understand how stemless can be a good choice, but having a stem is vital.

Or, does it all just not matter? :)
(Like Clampers, I will break most wine glasses I meet, starting with the most expensive.)

Do Good Wine Glasses Really Matter? 7 Factors Affecting How a Wine Glass Works
4/23/12 02:34 PM

@kb: just wanted to let you know your house tour is my very favorite ever here on AT! I absolutely heart your style!!

I clicked on this article just b/c I recognize it. (To add something useful to the discussion, I use the gravity rack and it works well for me and looks sleek...)

Setting Up Home: Making Room for Bikes
8/10/11 09:14 PM

+1 for radiobaby, ohwoah, A from IsItAHouseYet

I heart this post :)

Magic Erasers: Toxic or Terrific?
6/23/11 01:27 PM

Oh and by the way, since part of their deal is pressure to make a decision (the sale only lasts xx more minutes!), I'm careful to only buy from flash sites I KNOW I can trust if it's pushing me on time. Barring that, never buy without a froogle/Amazon price check!!

Which Flash Sale Sites Do You Shop?
6/15/11 09:52 PM

@Kathryn1123 and b77: Flash sale sites are sites that have a sale on a single item (or several of these sales), for a limited amount of time, and/or a limited quantity. Generally they claim a steep discount b/c they are selling a mass quantity in a short timeframe - but it's not often the case.

Outside of home furnishings, (and its subsidiaries like, and, are pretty much the best in breed. I'm waiting for similar to come out in home products, but I don't think any of these are too great....

Which Flash Sale Sites Do You Shop?
6/15/11 09:46 PM

I own nearly the same couch as above, from West Elm. My mom had great advice before I bought it: "How often do you just SIT on a couch?"

It's great to lounge back on in the corners. Though if I were going for comfort alone, I'd just buy a few lazy-boys!

How Low Is Too Low When It Comes To Furniture?
6/13/11 09:55 PM

You stole my idea!!! Which I stole from an AT thread about a year back where this was suggested :)

I bought this exact same work bench from Sears about 2 months ago. It's really great because:
1. It's giant - 8 feet long but just about 2 feet wide, so it also works great as a room divider
2. It's INCREDIBLY sturdy - it doesn't shake at all, and I have one side on carpet and the other on linoleum

FYI, Sears has monthly sales for about 12 hours where every tool (including workbenches) are 15-20% off, so wait for one of those. I got mine for just under $200.

The Cheapest Minimal Island/Buffet/Table Ever
6/3/11 05:47 PM

Well... Guess it's not better....

Before & After: Thrifted Velvet Couch
The Brick House

3/24/11 01:04 PM

@Pamlwell: I agree, I actually just am now hearing about the positive comment moderation. I am THRILLED! This site gets so ridiculously negative, I stopped coming. I clicked this post so cautiously - all these before/afters get so much "I hate it" and "Looked better before". It's simply mean.

@akay: At Amazon, they're supplying you with a product. Completely different situation than here, where normal people are sharing their decorating ideas in a community. If you just crap all over it, it's not providing anything valuable to the discussion. Just makes it so most of us are way too frightened to ever submit anything.

Awesome couch, by the way - way outside any DIY ideas I'd ever have :)

Before & After: Thrifted Velvet Couch
The Brick House

3/24/11 12:23 PM