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TI know it may seem like heresy to criticize FLW designs, but the couch leg flare-out really seems quite wrong to me. They make it look like the couch is wearing shoes that are too big, like a clown.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture at DWR
9/8/09 10:12 AM

I am a committed line drier and with my retractable clothesline discretely tucked away in my backyard, I can't imagine that it has any affect on property values. Then again, I live in a relatively funky area where such things as chickens and line drying are not frowned upon.
I will say that there is a certain time commitment to line drying, and it may be difficult for people with children, jobs and other activities who typically squeeze a load of laundry in whenever they can manage to find the time.

Apartment Therapy Boston | New Documentary: Drying for Freedom, A Film About Clotheslines
8/24/09 03:51 PM

Rubber tipped dental tools! That must have taken forever and required the patience of a zen master.
The little oxidized bits can be charming if you are going for an aged or wabi sabi look.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Steel Wool: The Unsung Restoration Hero
8/21/09 12:23 PM

This is a great project. A lot of the prototype designs on their website offer inspiring small space designs.
Thankfully, the City of Austin has made such a project possible by amending the City's zoning ordinance. Hopefully, the success of such programs will encourage other cities to allow for accessory dwellings such as these.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Austin's 2nd Alley Flat Initiative Project Debuts! Austin
8/21/09 10:32 AM

I can just see myself tripping on the rug and tumbling headfirst into that pool in the middle of the night.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Moroccan Inspiration: Le Palais Rhoul
8/20/09 04:37 PM

I actually find your room to be a fabulous assemblage of unique and personal things. When I first looked through the pictures, I did not even realize that they were posted in order to illicit help. Believe me, you do not need help with this space. Embrace it, keep adding things that you love over time, and it will get better and better.
For a rug, find a wonderful and folksy 5 x 7 Afghan or Persian rug with a warm color field (a Shiraz would be perfect, or a Turkomen rug).

Apartment Therapy New York | Debbie's Living Room: August Group Design Experiment New York Design Meetup
8/19/09 11:03 AM

Pretty. Purple Martins are very, very picky. Oddly, they rely almost completely on people for their housing. The houses must be cleaned weekly and the human caretakers must be extremely vigilant to keep out other birds; particularly starlings. In winter, the openings need to be blocked to keep other birds from moving in. This house looks like it will be a little difficult for the human house keepers to maintain. Good luck and buy a really tall ladder.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Putting Up a Big Purple Martin House
8/17/09 03:29 PM

Just because you can, does not mean that you should.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Make A Book Headboard
8/14/09 02:34 PM

I am loving this post in a big way.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Musical Living Rooms: A Playlist of Living Rooms Moods
8/13/09 10:51 AM

I have two such jars. One is my lifetime flotsam jetsom jar filled with various small ephemera that would be lost in a cluttered drawer and too precious to discard (my grandpa's wedding ring, a small clock, little toys, watches, id bracelet, travel momentos, etc.). The other is a jar filled with little treasures that I have found while digging in the yard (old toys, berets, keys, etc.). Both are in very large French pickling jars.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! 25 Years Of Pez On Display
7/28/09 02:13 PM

Awesome. A perfect little house in a perfect little neighborhood in a perfect town. (I live in the 'hood and pass this place all of the time on my bike ride to work).
First, I love Karen's sensitivity to the house's original bones. I think others would have been tempted to get rid of the screen porch and add an extra bedroom in order to squeeze more resale value out of the house. Karen also showed great restraint with the kitchen remodel, it would have been tempting, but ruinous to break down the wall and create an opening between the dining room and kitchen.
Finally, the artful arrangement of treasured belongings suggests a good eye--I am reminded of the arrangement of items at Uncommon Objects (which is an amazing antique store on South Congress for those unfamiliar with Austin).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Karen's Cozy and Cheery Cherrywood Home
7/17/09 11:40 AM

When I was in the Peace Corps a bunch of fellow volunteers collected recipes from other volunteers in the country; this was helpful and perhaps other volunteers before you have created such a legacy.
For baking, we created a dutch oven from a big aluminum pot.
I had joined the Peace Corps just out of college and had never cooked for myself; I had a lot of cooking disasters, but learned a lot. Mostly, I learned to rely on my landlady's cooking skills.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Peace Corps Cooking: What Can I Cook In a Mud Hut? Good Question
7/9/09 11:59 AM

A makers stamp on the underside may help in identifying this desk. It definitely looks like a designer piece.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Information About Hinged Desk?
7/7/09 10:18 AM

I find that packing a few versatile pieces is best. For me, a black polo, a pair of nice jeans, a button down shirt, a pair of slacks, a couple t-shirts, a black sweater, underwear and my jogging attire and running shoes are all I ever need to pack for a weeklong vacation. However, I rarely get to spend a week in any one place given the paucity of vacation days provided by my employer.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Packing Light
7/2/09 01:59 PM

If it is aluminum siding, it certainly can be painted. A slate-black color or a very dark green would be nice for the door and shutters.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Color Ideas for Front Door & Shutters?
7/1/09 11:48 AM

Thanks for tips MaryWynn. I'm looking forward to the trip.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Store Review: Milwaukee Public Market
6/26/09 04:17 PM

It looks like a great balcony; although a little narrow for use as a lounge space. I love your blog and all of your creative projects. Now, I just need to learn how to weld...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | My Great Outdoors: Tim & Nicole's Surprise Balcony
6/26/09 02:25 PM

Karim's apartment is outrageous. Totally not my style, but it fits for him and makes me smile. I have two of his watches that he designed for Alessi; a red and black one. I get comments from people every time I wear them. I think Karim intends for that sort of thing to happen with his designs.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | At Home With Karim Rashid Nylon Magazine
6/26/09 02:19 PM

I toured this house for the AIA Austin tour; I have to say that the Nanawall kicks butt! Not only does make the house a bit of a transformer; I recall that it allowed the home's footprint to expand a bit beyond the normally allowed building envelope because the City considers it a portico, not conditioned space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: Luciana and Alex's Tropical Minimalist Home Austin
6/24/09 02:13 PM

I'll be visiting Milwaukee over the 4th of July weekend to get away from the Texas heat and visit family. I had heard mixed things about the market...if I have time, I may check it out in person more out of an academic interest in such places.
Keltrue...do you have any suggestions about great new restaurants in Milwaukee that are worth a visit?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Store Review: Milwaukee Public Market
6/22/09 03:48 PM