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Hang them from the curtain rods and chandeliers if you have any. Get some inexpensive egg cups and place one in each for a shelf display. Pick up an inexpensive vine wreath and hook them onto it (I would hang it on a wall, not a door). Wall sconces are also a good place. Hope this helps.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ideas for Displaying Holiday Ornaments Without a Tree? Good Questions
11/3/09 09:44 AM

Don't paint the cabinets if you're not planning on staying there. Paint the walls, change the light fixture and valances, buy new cabinet hardware and ditch the ivy. If you have to purchase new appliances, go with stainless steel. I would also remove the chair rail along the wall and the rails above the cabinets. The floors would be expensive to replace, so I would get some area rugs. If you can afford it, replace the floors first before you do anything with the cabinets. Painting the cabinets is fine if it's done properly. Oftentimes it's not done right and they end up looking awful. If you insist on painting them, try taking the doors of the cabinets to an auto body shop and have them paint them. My friend did this with some moulding and it looked amazing.
This should make the kitchen look presentable enough to get you through the next few years.

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10/30/09 08:37 AM

We did this in a couple of rooms in our house. First of all, it's easier to paint because there are no delineations between the wall and ceiling, and also, what we've noticed is that the way the light hits both areas makes them look like there are 2 different paint shades.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls
10/9/09 09:43 PM

Definitely go with the deep purple color. It will offset the green (and the mustard color) beautifully and add a bit of pop to the house.

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9/30/09 08:09 AM

I've been collecting sand for years. I display it in mason jars, marked with the name of the beach and the date I was there. It's interesting to see all the different colors and consistencies that sand can have, and during the long cold winters, it's a cheerful reminder of some really fun times.

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6/9/09 09:20 PM