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Ooh Apartment Therapy just had a GREAT post on this! Check out this link:

There are some fantastic ideas on there (including a "faux marble" look you could use to change that forest green marble to another color!) Good luck!

Student Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget? Good Questions
12/11/13 11:22 AM

I don't know if you've had it assessed by a professional as having a gas leak, but a similar situation happened to me recently as well. My (very) old stove in my apartment seemed to be leaking gas out of the blue, but it turned out that something had started to block the starter. Once I manually lit each burner, they lit on their own again just fine.

If you haven't tried this, open the windows for a while to get as much gas out of the air as possible and then use either a long match or a fire place lighter (something with a long handle).

Best of luck!

Should I Offer to Buy the Vintage Stove in My Rental from My Landlord? Good Questions
12/11/13 11:18 AM

No matter where I am, I have to have a live tree with plenty of pretty lights and ornaments. My parents made it a tradition to give my and my siblings a new ornament every Christmas, so now I have a large tub of beautiful ornaments that all hold sentimental value and bring a "little slice of home" to me during the holiday season.

Expat Christmas: Celebrating The Holidays Far From Home
11/11/13 01:22 PM

I have a similar space in my apartment and I treat it like an enclosed porch - I have a small outdoor table and two small wire patio chairs. Add in some potted plants and a floor lamp and you have a little "outdoor getaway" right in your home! Plus you can enjoy the lovely view (yours is much better than mine!)

Best Use for Small Space Adjacent to Living Room? Good Questions
10/7/13 01:10 PM

Recently I hosted my best friend's bachelorette and I kicked my boyfriend out for the weekend while we partied it up! If someone is going to stay over at my house they're people that I'm really comfortable with and would have no problem sharing my bed with (unless its a friend who is too drunk to drive home - they get the couch :) ).

The Very Welcoming Host: Do You Let Platonic Houseguests Share Your Bed?
10/7/13 01:00 PM

Contact paper, washi tape, and decals are your friend! I'm facing a similar dilemma (my kitchen looks SO much like yours!) and while my landlady would be fine if I removed stuff and installed other stuff, frankly I don't want to be putting tons of money into a rental. Anything removable would be awesome - get some removable wallpaper or contact paper and use that on the wall that has all the cabinets. Line the inside (wall-aligned) of the cabinets with it and put it on that same wall to, both above and below. You'll get 2 for the price of one - a "pop" wall of color and a generous amount of non-permanent color added to the cabinets and walls!

Facelift for Rental Kitchen - Remove Cabinet Doors? Good Questions
9/27/13 11:28 AM

I completely feel you! I moved into my apartment about 4 months ago and my landlady will let me do just about anything to the place. All of a sudden the world of possibilities (colors, patterns, fabrics, layout, design) exploded - and consequently, I was ridiculously overwhelmed.

I think what helped me the most was to narrow my apartment down to what kind of atmosphere I want and then narrow it down even further to focusing on just one room.

In terms of fabric and "having it your way", I can relate as well. Having purchased a wonderfully built but horribly covered couch (read: puce green, brown, and yellow fabric from the 60s), I've been dying to reupholster it. But with so many possibilities in type, color, and patter, I find my couch project has been sitting on the back burner...

I know what has helped me in the past is getting offline and going into stores. Going to a fabric store (as opposed to looking online) has really helped me identify what feels good, what looks good (because pictures can't always do justice), and what will actually wear well on my couch. And now I just need to get off my couch to go do it :)

Hope this helps! Good luck with yours!

Less or More: What's Your Preference for Customization?
9/16/13 04:03 PM

your couch is fantastic! did you buy it or DIY it?

Amy's \"Darjeeling Inspired\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/13/13 02:38 PM

Not to obsess too much, but I cannot get your room out of my head! It's so beautiful and a total source of inspiration for me! I've tried to create rooms with similar style, however I've never succeeded like you have! Keep on keepin on :) and I will be keeping this page bookmarked :D

Paisan's \"East Meets West\" Room room for color contest
9/9/13 10:00 PM

What a beautiful room!! I LOVE your daring use of colors! Clearly you're a person who isn't afraid to be bold and take risks :) Your room is simply stunning and so inspirational... Thank you for sharing it!

Paisan's \"East Meets West\" Room room for color contest
9/6/13 04:02 PM

What a beautiful home! You both have done an amazing job on this house!

Maria and Eric's Creative and Comfortable Home in Amsterdam House Tour
9/6/13 01:33 PM

While technically I've lived in cheaper places, my current apartment is not only cheap, but amazing! It's a one bedroom and in the "tiny" division of apartments - it's about 600 square feet. BUT for $650 a month, I'm allowed to have as many cats and dogs as I want, all my utilities are included, I can do pretty much anything I want to the place (paint, put holes in the wall, install a dishwasher), and it's located about 4 blocks away from downtown Denver. Oh and did I mention that I can do anything I want to it??

Granted, this place has its quirks (read: chipped paint from previous renters, quite a number of holes from picture hooks, poorly constructed porch add-on, and rather steep stairs) but having just moved out to Denver, it is such a luxury to be living in a city again and able to make my home really mine :)

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/5/13 11:32 AM

I completely agree with the sense of safety that having a weapon around gives you. I like to keep a knife in the drawer next to my bed (my cats would find it underneath the mattress).

My boyfriend, however, seems to think that a baseball bat in the living room, a machete in the kitchen and a hunting knife in the bedroom are all included in the "sense of security". Personally, I think it's too much....

Bedside Hammer: What's Your Home Security System?
9/3/13 01:49 PM

Hey sagekitten85 (great name btw) I have the same problem too! HOWEVER I recently stumbled upon a post on this site about how to clean your house 20 minute a day for 30 days... the schedule seems long and reading through it, initially, I was overwhelmed. But honestly, I made a checklist and taped it to my fridge and it works wonderfully! Granted there are days/times that I have to take longer to do things (read laundry at the laundromat) but in general its great for helping me feel like I've accomplished something without feeling overwhelmed.

Does Housework Expand to Fill the Time Available?
8/30/13 05:22 PM

My boyfriend and I moved in together pretty much right when we started dating (more of his clothes kept appearing in my closet :) ) which meant some interesting scheduling conflicts. When we met, we worked at the same place and at pretty much the same times, but fast forward 6 months and I had a job that kept me working 12-15 hours a day (including commute) and going to bed early, while he still worked a shift schedule in the evenings. This meant a lot of time apart and many, many days/nights where we would only "see" each other early in the morning when I was leaving or around midnight or later when he was getting home from work.

Personally, I love going out, seeing my friends, and having fun and so does he. Our schedules got to the point where I would only see him for a 2 hours every 3-4 days and at that point you start asking yourself if you have a roommate or a significant other. We realized though that we have to sacrifice a little bit of the things we like to do in order to be able to spend time with each other.

Now its a bit more give and take - we're happier when we can see more of each other, so we coordinate our schedules. I work out when I know he'll be gone and if he's home every evening then we take the dog on long walks together. We take turns going out with friends as a couple and individually, and try to have at least one date night a week (going out by ourselves or even staying in and cooking dinner). It's all about the give and the take and, at least for us, it's totally worth it!

Did You Change Your Schedules When You Moved In Together?
8/26/13 03:35 PM

So here's an idea I saw in my cousin's apartment recently: anchor two cables into the ceiling and hang your TV from them. You can see his space here (the pictures don't show the TV, but you can see in this first picture how he hung the giant clock the same way):

OR you can put the TV in the bedroom!

How To Layout (and Mount a Big TV) in Apartment With a Fireplace? Good Questions
8/14/13 06:18 PM

Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and then everything else... I try to make sure that I have a few plates and cups easily accessible, but, as was the case in this most recent move, I tend to buy paper cups and plates because who wants to do dishes AND move in AND unpack boxes?

Moving in: Which Room Do You Unpack First and Why?
8/14/13 12:18 PM

One option is that you might want to try painting them the same color as your living room walls. It will make everything more monochromatic and therefore help the doors and the walls to look more "blended". Once everything is you can add cute/colorful handles for the doors, which can add an element of interest while not overwhelming that small wall.

Good luck! :)

How To Camouflage Two Closet Doors in Living Room? Good Questions
8/14/13 10:40 AM

I knew I was going to use this Style Cure for my bedroom from the beginning and I even already knew my color scheme (Navy and yellow)! I've loved the process, however, of defining my style and gaining clarity on the direction that I want to take my bedroom and ultimately apartment.

I love the idea of making a sexy bedroom - I want dark walls, small pops of color, luxurious and lush textiles, and sleek accents. I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/6/13 12:55 AM