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omg, this is absolutely ridiculous. BILLIONS of parents have lived without this crap and guess what? their kids are still alive and well. so put the kid to sleep on his back and trust it will be okay.

unless, of course, you are so glued to your phone, internet, tv, or busy smoking crack that you can't care for your kid without a monitor?

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 09:15 PM

Hey, AT? There is a whole world of design out there and yet you chose to run yet another article about cutesy shoe storage. Nothing new here. Even the cover photo is a rip-off of a previous post.

Shoes as Art: 10 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
7/24/14 09:00 PM

Stenstorp rules! I absolutely love mine.

5 Great Kitchen Islands Under $300 Product Roundup
7/23/14 12:49 AM

patio gardening and jonesing for a yard (the bigger the better) to garden in

No Yard, Balcony or Porch? How to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home Anyway Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/22/14 06:33 AM

Wow. Just, wow.

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/22/14 06:03 AM

Cat litter makes an excellent deodorizer as well as moisture absorber. Fill the drawers with kitty litter, let it sit for a few days, then replace the kitty litter with fresh litter. You may have to repeat this several times, which is a total pain, but it works, so there's that ;-) Just make sure you replace the litter before it absorbs enough moisture to clump.

We've had to deodorize a mountain of similar stuff, and this is the best solution we've found.

Good luck!

What Is the Best Way to Remove Odors from a Dresser? Good Questions
7/22/14 02:07 AM

Regarding the color IKB and people's memories of the 1950's……..

Here are a few links that refer to Yves Klein and the use of IKB in the late 1950s.

Oh, btw, the style referred to as MCM spans several decades, beginning in the 1930s and ending around 1965.

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/22/14 01:58 AM

leave the valance. no one but an AT geek would even notice it ;-)

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Face-lift on a Budget
7/21/14 02:38 AM

it looks awesome

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Face-lift on a Budget
7/21/14 02:35 AM

ps - that macrame wall hanging is the bomb!

Jenny and Chris Merge Styles in Williamsburg House Call
7/21/14 02:32 AM

It's nice to see a home that looks so stylish without being over-styled. Great taste, great style, great job!

Jenny and Chris Merge Styles in Williamsburg House Call
7/21/14 02:29 AM

It looks as if the bed two twin mattresses pushed together. Maybe the owner couldn't get a king or queen mattress up the stairs or into the elevator?

Rich Textiles in Russian Hill Professional Project
7/20/14 07:57 PM

I've worked as an accountant for several property management companies and the bottom line is that every dollar a landlord can charge a tenant for cleaning and repairs related to a move-out is income. Move-out charges are so profitable, in fact, that they usually reported as a separate line on financial statements.

You'd think all that inside knowledge would help me get my money back, but you'd be wrong…….

I always leave the place cleaner than when I moved in, including cleaning appliances and carpet. I've even hired cleaning companies to come in and clean again, after I've done all I can. And yet, most landlords have kindly managed to keep all my deposit money and a quite a few have actually billed me hundreds of dollars in extra charges.

One company actually charged me for tiny (less-than-a-quarter-inch-tiny) nicks in the kitchen linoleum - the exact same nicks they told me were normal wear and tear when I moved in. The same place charged me for dozens of nonexistent tack holes in the walls, even though I hadn't hung any pictures in the 6 months I had lived there. In fact, the only landlord that has NOT bilked me for my deposit money was a friend of a friend. And believe it or not, that house was a beautiful single family home with a newly remodeled kitchen, yard and hot tub, in a very exclusive zip code.

If you find a good landlord (and they're still good when it comes time to settle up) consider yourself lucky!

How To Definitely Get Your Deposit Back: 10 Things To Do Before You Move Out Renters Solutions
7/20/14 03:15 AM


Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/20/14 02:16 AM

Your dog is adorable! And I love your 70's vibe :-)

Revisiting Scott's California Bohemian House Tour
7/18/14 02:02 AM

yikes! I hope 1981 never comes back in style ;-)

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1981
7/18/14 12:13 AM


A Modern Treehouse in Seattle Professional Project
7/17/14 11:08 PM

Raccoons, like coyotes, crows and rats, are generalists. They are great at adapting to us, and can live almost anywhere we can. When I lived in the Bay Area, I watched raccoons squeeze their enormously fat bottoms in and out of city storm drains as they traveled through the high-rent district in search of gourmet garbage cans.

As I'm finding out, Seattle also has a pretty thriving wildlife population. Bald Eagles at Greenlake, coyotes in West Seattle, and raccoons and rats everywhere.

Lately, I've been contemplating putting up a bird feeder but the other half has expressed rather strong emotions regarding the paint job on his car. And it's probably a good thing my contemplations haven't gotten very far as my next door neighbor just told me the saga of her rat war last year. I guess the bird seed that fell through the cracks on her deck became an all-you-can-eat rat buffet which had rather disastrous consequences for both the neighbor and the rats.

As of now, I'm still trying to engineer a solution that both keeps our car from becoming glazed over with bird poop AND prevents scattered birdseed from turning my patio into a rat stop-and-shop.

But for now, I'd be happy if the local rats wouldn't cut through my patio on their way to and from work. Especially when I'm SITTING RIGHT HERE in broad daylight. Sheesh!

How to Cultivate a Wildlife Habitat in Your Outdoor Area Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/14/14 12:03 AM

Congratulations, Discerning! Good job :-)

How to Cultivate a Wildlife Habitat in Your Outdoor Area Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/13/14 11:10 PM

Want, want, want!

A Little New Zealand Beach House Lives Large Arch Daily
7/10/14 05:05 PM