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Ditto San Gabriel Nursery for us eastern LAers and for those without budget limits-Burkhart's in Pasadena. Great article!

The 10 Best Nurseries in Los Angeles
5/16/11 09:50 PM

Hello.. Westways is the autoclub's publication. Sunset is the garden bible.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Sunset Magazine Mentions AT and Reader Comments
11/4/08 03:28 PM

I'm neither a germ-a-phobe, neat freak or healthcare pro, but remember that your skin is your largest living organ. Drying off after bathing removes tons of dead skin cells and surface residue. Imagine brushing your teeth without washing out your toothbrush!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Laundry Habits: What's Normal For Towels and Sheets?
10/31/08 12:59 PM

Thanks so much, I've contacted cozydown, will let you know. Umi

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Refurbish a Down Comforter?Los Angeles
9/9/08 04:20 PM

Relax The Back has a really good pull out that only runs about $5000 !!!!!!!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Flex Sofa from CB2?Los Angeles
8/28/08 11:23 PM

Jeezis peasis, don't you people have any sense of humor? This gadget is hysterical, enter the mind of the inventor! Any way unless you are in cryogenic-land there will be flies. Umi

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Mechanical Fly Catcher
8/19/08 04:35 PM

Opps, what I wanted to say is thanks for this insight into the less obvious beauty and history in LA. This eclectic, diverse and experimental town deserves a closer look in order to really understand it origins and attitudes. A look into all of LA's excentric inhabititants, architects and builders really pays off. Thanks again and lets see more below the surface exploration.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Escape: Great LA Architecture
8/13/08 10:59 AM

Ya can jus park and go in. The food is ok, but a little pricy, you can hang out at the bar!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Escape: Great LA Architecture
8/13/08 10:52 AM

Excellent tribute to zee french !!!!! umi

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | In Honor of Bastille Day: French Film Still Inspiration
7/14/08 07:56 PM

You hold on to it forever, and pass it on to your grandchildren! Better find a good, dedicated storage system that can accomodate future purchases, and keep it bug free.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Long Do You Keep Fabric?
7/11/08 10:07 AM

You should post it as BEFORE and AFTER (a picture is worth a thousand ........)Umi

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Update on the Bare Lightbulb
6/25/08 12:37 PM

Actually, Blandwagon, they do nicely in pots as long as they're not pot bound, and they get full sun. This way you can move them out of sight when they look ratty.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Great Drought Tolerant Plant: Kangaroo Paw
6/18/08 08:04 PM

Descanso Gardens hosts a class given by Mount San Antonio's horticulture department. It's on a school calendar basis (fall and winter), community college prices, and for credit. Call Descanso Gardens, it's a lovely place to take a class.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question Where To Learn Flower Arranging?
6/16/08 02:24 PM

In a word: Anti Icky Poo.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Help! How to Remove Cat Pee?
6/12/08 12:32 PM

in keeping with the gardening theme: the ringed planters are a great idea for planting "running" species of bamboo (ie: black bamboo) to contain their running.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dwell on Design Westside Home Tours
6/11/08 12:14 PM

What a gorgeous ceiling, the way it connects with the eves is worth noting. Also the fireplace and the red nook bed .....thanks for the tour.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dwell on Design Ray Kappe's Classic Mid Century Home
6/10/08 04:54 PM

I'm with Abbey- wrong colors, wrong heights, ify plant combinations, too crowded. In garden design it's summed up: The right plant in the right place.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bringing Your Style Outdoors
6/9/08 04:23 PM

You're so right about this place- incredible selection, best prices around. umi

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Store: Pottery Manufacturing Distribution in Gardena
6/4/08 10:28 PM

All south-west natives are good choices, along with certain Austrailian and South African plants. There are incredibly beautiful, water-wise ground covers, shrubs and trees available. Thanks for a very informative article.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 9 Ways to Use Less Water in the Garden
5/29/08 01:07 PM

I love her stuff and checked out her blog.....beautiful!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | New Blog: Chez Larsson
5/20/08 07:44 PM