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Thanks so much for all the comments. It's great to get feedback and always gives us a new perspective! We've tried to respond to some of your comments below...Feel free to let us know if you have other questions or comments. We'd love to hear them!

Regina & Apartment Therapy_Thanks for the opportunity!

bepsf_Our art and architecture firm will have an office on the second floor. We plan on leasing out the ground floor commercial space. We'd love to use the building as a co-op/design center of all sorts.

modtramp_the name of the building is "vivienda moderna". We do agree, that traditionally, historical/older buildings have had names-that's partly why we named it! Many of the materials we've used are recycled, so we feel like there is an inherent history to the project. We also like the idea that buildings are named; they embody and project spirit and feeling. The naming of the building not only came from a new take on an old fashioned idea (shopkeeper style programs), but is also a nod to the current neighborhood and our western inspiration_we started designing the building when we still lived and practiced in the San Diego area.

brocktontriangle_at one time there was a beautiful mansion (and later boarding house) built in the late 1800s It unfortunately burned down in the late 1960s. (You can see an image of it on our site )
The lot had been vacant for the last 40 years until we purchased it in 2007. When we excavated, we found the original rock foundation and several old brick chimmneys buried several feet down. We saved the material and reused the rock and brick to develop the landscaping.

idoprint_We did use the stairs through this winter (without a handrail) and because of the Southern exposure and the large overhang, they don't get too encrusted with ice or snow. We designed the building using universal accessibility guidelines and so there is a small, residential elevator which provides access to the multiple uses and different spaces. Beyond providing weather friendly access, this also allows our older family members the ability to still come and visit. The elevator is a "green" model which helps to generate some of it's own electricity as it moves downward. The local company will use it to showcase the installation to potential clients.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far! We're still working on the interior and plan on finishing it in about 20 years. We're hoping we'll have enough to photograph though and send to AT for this fall!

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