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Please don't become awful like everything else original and good that I love that either ends up selling out or just going away...

Spot The Differences: ‚ÄčAmy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment
4/4/14 03:45 PM

How funny I just randomly happened to watch that Parks & Rec ep last night and it also just so happens that I'm moving this week! The part at the end where the ghost of DJ Roomba was haunting Jerry practically had me in tears.

Tune In: The Best, Funniest TV Episodes About Moving
8/27/13 11:07 AM

This is going to be an interesting challenge for me as I am moving from an apartment to my first ever house at the end of this month, so all i can do now really is to plot and plan and dream. Ergo, i may have gone a little overboard with my...board.

Day 2: Weekend Chores - Go on a Style Treasure Hunt and Share Your Findings Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/5/13 12:55 PM