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@ykyea - The dog (Exxon) is a bichon frise. He's one of their 3.

All the people talking about the stairs, if Lauren can survive them, anyone can. She's got the nickname Grace for a reason (hint: its called irony)...

Place looks awesome, you two. As always I'm quite jealous.

Lauren and Eric's Mixed-Use Modern Dwelling House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 04:03 PM

to bepsf: The ground floor has a garage, apartment and a space that is rented out (to a wedding cake maker I believe). Framework's office is on the second floor and the residence is on the second and third floors.

to brockton triangle: I'm about 99% it was an empty lot.

to alaricus: Its large but it does have a residence, apartment, office and leased space. The scale pretty much fits in with the neighborhood.

Happy to see my friends (went to college with Lauren and Eric) doing so well. Can't wait to see it again in person now that its mostly complete.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | My Great Outdoors: Lauren and Eric's Vivienda Moderna Kansas City
6/8/09 08:44 AM