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we love your quilts, we are architects and are drawn to the graphic quality of your work. sosdesign.ca

Apartment Therapy New York | Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer Design Showcase 2009 - The Finals
9/21/09 01:17 PM

Very Graphic!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser Design Showcase 2009 - The Semi-Finals
9/21/09 12:32 PM

There is a fundamental problem.
Most MCM's are poorly build to boot.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reincarnated McMansion Project: The Ultimate Up-Cycling
7/14/09 12:07 PM

Tell us more about the solar system

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Helen & Frazer's Solar Powered Beach Shack Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
7/14/09 12:02 PM

You are welcome at any time to visit our Live/work space in Victoria. We serve a good coffee!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Two Live-Work Homes by SOS Design Victoria, BC
6/7/09 02:54 PM