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The Best and Worst in Light Bulbs: The Lightbulb Wars
11/2/11 01:14 PM

The last two links from posters who only registered today. If not spam then self-promotion.

10 Great iPad Cases | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/15/10 05:24 PM

three words: red light district

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Place to Crash: Mini Capsule Hotel
7/2/09 02:41 AM

1 on grays, but not too dark - from the looks of the photo you're a long way from the natural light source and you run the risk of making a small space feel smaller.

As an out-there suggestion, have you thought about buying some ply and boarding the pass-through up? From the looks of where the door is (and the table positioning, though this may just have been for the photo) it doesn't look like the pass-through is strictly necessary. The kitchen looks like it might be quite cosy if it were enclosed and it would give you free rein in the dining / living space. Just a thought.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Paint Color For This Space?
6/12/09 03:21 AM

Great bathrooms, I particularly like the recessed lights.

The second bathroom (the first one pictured) would be even more elegant if the mirrored cupboards were just flat mirrors on the wall - the cupboards jutting out as they do looks a little odd.

And, uh, they're out of toilet paper :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | dSPACE studio: Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
6/10/09 01:03 AM

Not sure about the sunken tub (agreed the cold draughts would put me off).

The wall tiles are beautiful on the other hand.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Sunken Bathtub! Metropolitan Home
6/7/09 04:11 AM