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Wow - what a transformation. It looks great and is still smallish. How long and how much per square foot?

Schena-Rinke Residence: Green Renovation

11/4/10 09:01 PM

Thanks for this post - it's such good information! Please keep the AT community updated on your progress in Chicago. I wish you success so the reuse of these containers can grow - there are so many possibilities.

Behind the Scenes of Shipping Container Architecture Green Architect | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/4/10 09:49 PM

I would always take the stairs if they were piano keys! That's great, healthy, and a good reminder to challenge ourselves to enjoy simple pleasures and not get stuck in the tedium of everyday.

How Do You Incorporate Fun? The Fun Theory by Volkswagen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/18/09 09:01 PM

We recently renovated our bathroom and put the light inside the shower on a dimmer for this specific purpose. We have floor-to-ceiling glass walls so leaving it dimly lit during a party works great - and it's safer than a candle when there are kids running around.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Party Lighting: For The Bathroom
10/26/09 10:14 PM

Hearing bugs gets zapped always ruins a peaceful evening for me. I would rather light a lot of candles and try my best to last as long as possible.

Has anyone had success with an ultrasonic repeller machine?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Solar Insect Zapper: Using the Sun to Zap Bugs#comments#comments
6/5/09 09:42 PM