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Love it, Rachel!!!

Rachel's Nautical Rooftop Garden
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #31

8/27/11 12:14 PM

My husband felt the same, but we used 1 glider and 1 loveseat with ottoman. Why do you need 2 rocking chairs if only one of you is holding the baby?

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Two Rockers in the Nursery? Good Questions
8/27/09 05:05 PM

This is an excellent question: 1) You'll first want to predetermine which end of the changing table is for baby's head vs. bottom. Then, it is most convenient to locate the diapers & especially wipes, cleaning fluids etc. by the "bottom" end. Same goes for the diaper pail. It should be easily accessible from the "bottom" end so that the mess can go straight in, without passing back over the baby. Toys, mobile, other changing distractions should go at the "head" end. 2) Locate crib, toys etc. OUT OF THE PATH from your bedroom to the changing table. Locate toy area OUT OF THE PATH from your bedroom to crib, too. In other words, allow yourself a clear stumble zone in the middle of the night. This will come in handy when baby becomes a toddler and loses the crib rail too. You may also want to locate the crib so that baby will not be able to see you sneaking by after-hours on your way to bed. 3) A table by the rocking chair is indispensible. But be very careful about setting a hot cup of coffee near the baby!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | "Work Triangles" for Nurseries? Good Questions
8/25/09 05:55 PM

I don't have any specific advice, but I LOVE your "great" outdoors and your post!!!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | My Great Outdoors: Concrete vs. The Crawler
6/30/09 06:18 PM

We live in downtown Boston, and take our Bugaboo Frog out EVERY DAY, even in the winter. I weigh 100 lbs, my toddler weighs 23 lbs., and we have a stoop with 6 steps. I've found that I can still (barely) lift the stroller up the stairs, but it is easy to drive/bump up and down. After talking to others with different strollers, I can't recommend a better stroller than the Bugaboo for city living in Boston.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Best Strollers to Handle Stairs?#comments
6/19/09 08:30 PM

We have the Gulliver, and it is very sturdy. Now that we have converted it to a toddler bed, I often lie in it while trying to get my son to fall asleep. I'm petite, but so far it seems sturdy!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Feedback and Revews of IKEA Cribs
6/19/09 08:00 PM

I just visited Manhattan for 4 days with my 12 month old and my Bugaboo stroller. I had no problem taking taxis with no carseat, and did not run across any restuarants that did not allow strollers. I avoided the touristy places, and mainly went to some cooler little places that I knew from when I lived there, or that friends recommended. Contrary to many of the comments posted here, I found that strangers (and taxicab drivers) were happy to see a baby.

I WOULD recommend walking whenever possible: New York is a very walkable city, and that is always the easiest way to get around. I found walking from Central Park to the Meatpacking District & West Village to be just about as far as I could handle.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Tips for a Stay in the City with a Toddler#comments#comments
6/5/09 08:34 PM