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thanks for all the sweet comments! it's our favorite room, too.

the paint i originally chose for the sewing room in my house, but when i moved in with my boyfriend, we decided we liked it so much we wanted to use it in the office. i'm pretty sure the color is 'mirage lake' from behr. i found the aloe plant's pot at a yard sale last year, and the frames were indeed from ikea (good eye, lalizzie). i love all of strawberryluna's work - she has such a great style.

the room totally functions as an office - it's my hub for paying bills and i like to sit there when i do my photo-editing and listing for my etsy shop (i have a 17" macbook pro and it fits perfectly). i do all my screenprinting and shipping at my studio.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Sara's Sleek Home Office Space
6/5/09 08:32 PM