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For years, I've substituted hair conditioner for shaving cream. It's one less bottle in the shower, I'm using it quite slowly anyway, and I avoid the rust rings! Plus, it makes my legs really soft.

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11/6/09 05:45 PM

Although we've only been renting our place for 10 months, the number one thing that has made it feel like home is the fact that we started a garden in the little back patio. Because we claimed and tended a plot that nobody cared about, it truly feels like our property and our home, and the neighbors are impressed as well!

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6/11/09 06:34 PM

Holy bitterness, bfootnovelista! Sure, the casual meanderers and the stroller-toters are slower than we utility-shoppers (who get most of our week's groceries from the farmer's market), but I actually love that they're there. It reminds me that I'm part of a community of real people. In turn, I'm rooting for more people to saunter through and discover the market as a cool, relaxing place to shop-- in the hopes that they, too, will adopt a utility-shopping habit. If we're really going to change the way our society thinks about food and farmers, we have to be inclusive, generous, and patient in our farmer's markets.

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6/5/09 07:06 PM