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Wow, the results are not that impressive, but it's great to get a professional evaluation of "what went wrong" also. Sometime it's easiest to learn by watching others' mistakes.

Both of these kitchens could be improved a lot by fairly minor, inexpensive changes. The basics are good. I don't feel too bad for the families.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Design Star, Episode 2
7/28/09 04:06 PM

This is cute as long as there are larger numbers closer to the street, like on a mailbox. There is nothing worse than being in an emergency and the rescuers can't find you.

This is one situation where aesthetics run a distant second to practicality. If you've ever had a desperate emergency it puts things into perspective very quickly.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! House Numbers in the Window
6/25/09 08:25 PM

My family owns a small cabin like this and we have loved it for many years! It is about twice the size and does have a kitchen and bathroom. We usually bring tents and camp out, with elderly relatives using the bunkhouse, and all of us much appreciative to be able to camp out but still have a toilet and hot coffee in the morning.

Unfortunately we are forced to sell soon :( The nearby cabins are being torn down to make way for giant monster houses, and the property tax has increased from $400/year to $9000/year in the last 15 years.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Teeny Tiny Lakeside Cottage Chicago Home Garden
6/21/09 09:15 PM