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Also, if you drink tea, coffee and red wine, avoid drinking them with your meals because the tannins contained prevent iron absorption (not the caffeine, as far as I know)

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3/5/10 10:36 AM

DrTheopolis: because copy-right is about making copies. And they are not.

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11/26/09 07:07 PM

a cookie sheet that's too wide, and a cast iron skillet.

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6/11/09 04:49 PM

My problem is, how to prevent anything I put on the balcony from getting filthy.
I have a big balcony, but I live in an apartment on the first floor, and basically cars driving by on the three sides (road on the front side, driveway leading to the garages on the other two sides). I spent last weekend cleaning, scrubbing, and trying everything to make this space look decent, and on Friday there was a lot of wind and everything looks filthy again. It's really hard to make it a place to relax when you either have to scrub it in order to be able to sit down, or to put away everything every time :(

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6/7/09 04:27 PM