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I realized that all of my organizational plans hinge on getting our basement storage space cleaned (out) and organized. When my fiance and I moved in to our apartment a year ago, we were moving things from three different storage places (an actual storage space, my grandma's house, his parents' house). We couldn't remember half the stuff we had! We were able to put boxes in the basement to store things, but had nowhere to lock them up (there's one locking unit, and it was occupied at the time). So more expensive camping gear, extra dishes, etc stayed in boxes in our hall closet. We've since managed to snag the locking unit (woo hoo!), but have filled it willy-nilly with boxes of books, gardening supplies, unused artwork/posters, etc. that we've moved piece by piece from our respective storage places. It's next to impossible to walk in there. I'm going to buy a utility shelf and some plastic storage bins, and organize it so we can clear out some of our closets and at least feel a little less cluttered. Of course, I'll be filling the outbox as I go ;)

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/8/13 12:14 PM

I've tried a variety of "shock you awake" options-- from a clock radio set to static (on the highest volume) to an old-fashioned bell-and-hammer alarm clock. My problem is that I always hit the snooze button a few too many times. My boyfriend does not go back to sleep as easily as I do, and it drives him nuts (and puts him in a bad mood the rest of the day).

Now I usually set my phone's alarm to a nice classical music tune (I think it's called "Cello Suite") and put it in the next room over, on a middle volume setting. I also sign up for early-am yoga classes in advance (and pay ahead of time!!) which is usually the extra motivation I need to not crawl back into bed.

Ease Into the Day the 'Morning Person' Way
4/9/12 07:32 PM

we've only been in our place for 3 weeks-- but electrical outlets in the bathroom are definitely on the list! where do we plug in the hairdryer/ razor?!

What's on Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/26/12 08:08 PM

i looove unpasteurized cider! i actually had never had "real" apple cider (other than a powdered mix) until i moved to Michigan when i was 18... for a while i thought all "real" cider was unpasteurized! mmm, a cup of cider with a fresh doughnut warm from the oven... YUM.

The Real Deal: Have You Ever Tried Unpasteurized Cider?
9/14/11 12:29 PM

I live in Guatemala, and I won't say how cheap avocados are here ;) I slice them into chunks and freeze them on a cookie sheet, like I would with berries. Then I transfer them to a plastic bag. I love them in smoothies!! :)

A Surplus Of Avocados: Should We Freeze Them?
8/12/11 06:55 PM

As a kid, I didn't mind the kiddie table when it was with my mom's family. All of my cousins and I are pretty close in age, and I seem to remember it being fun. Anywhere else-- including with my dad's family and family friends-- I hated it. I was a weird middle age, and found it very insulting to be stuck at the kiddie table well into my late teens. Thankfully I qualify as an "adult" now, at least in most situations ;)

Yay or Nay? Setting a Kiddie Table at Holiday Dinners
11/17/10 05:23 PM

i'm also a michigander, and this is my all-time favorite beer!! i'm sorry to say i've actually only had it once, but it was love at first sip. in fact, it's really the only beer that i genuinely love (others i will tolerate for the sake of social interaction, but i'm more of a wine person). can't wait to pick up a few at the store :)

Beer Review: Founders Breakfast Stout
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10/5/10 07:15 PM

I'm glad to see everyone commenting on the safety of coca leaves-- saying that cocaine is made of coca leaves is technically true, but the drug is so far refined that it really has very little to do with the original plant. Thinking otherwise has lead to the demonization of an important medicinal and cultural product.

Agwa de Bolivia: Liqueur Made from Coca Leaves? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/31/10 12:26 AM

I use mine every year for one recipe: Foamy Sauce!! Seriously, it's called that, and it's amazing. It's a birthday tradition in my family (poured over a chocolate bundt cake), and it's what my mom uses her copy of JOC for as well.

My ex-bf gave me my copy when I was teaching myself to cook, and I also use it for basic recipe- starting points (especially the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies ;)). My current- bf refused to touch it for a long time, because he thought it was too fancy... I set him straight by showing him the recipe for squirrel (included in the recent editions, too! I think the 1990 version was temporarily "updated" and got rid of the squirrel).

Like a lot of the others, though, I consult Bittman (or compare Bittman and JOC) for technique questions. However, I have HTCE Vegetarian, so JOC is still the go-to for meat around here (but not yet squirrel).

Loving the Classics: Joy of Cooking | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/19/09 10:24 AM

Tortillas can also be made very easily by hand (i.e. no rolling pin or press). In fact, "authentic" tortillas are never, ever made by a press (those are "restaurant" tortillas, or the tortillas of city folk!). When I say "very easily," maybe that's a slight exaggeration-- but with practice, it's a piece of (patty) cake. The woman in this video makes it look easy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKCNyzkroZU&feature=related

:) when they tear apart, the women just pats them back together. they're thicker than pressed tortillas, which changes the texture slightly (and maybe the flavor).

Also, the masa doesn't have lime (i.e. fruit) juice in it, it has cal, which is ground up limestone (an alkali) which helps break down the maize kernels and makes their nutrients more bio-available. That's why it doesn't taste like lime. Lime (the fruit) juice is always a delicious addition, though :)

Finally, the thing tortillas are cooked on is called a comal, which is basically just a griddle. Originally they were made of clay, and you can buy clay ones in Latino grocery stores in the U.S. At-home cooks will also use metal ones, but I think the clay also changes the texture/ flavor a bit (I also find that tortillas toasted on the metal comals burn more easily, or maybe it's just a process of adjusting).

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How To Make Your Own Corn Tortillas
6/5/09 03:17 PM