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Can I ask where you got the curtains/material?

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7/21/09 11:36 AM

This may seem like a simple idea - but it has a big effect. A shadow box. My husband was a sports journalist not to mention an Ohio State Alumnus so we had a ton of tickets and Media passes to do something with. I bought a black framed shadow box from Target (like this one: for around $20 I think. It came with pins so all I had to do was arrange everything and tack it down. He loves it and it displays very well, plus, it isn't a permanent thing. If you want to take the tickets out you can without damaging them.

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6/16/09 08:41 AM

Hers. Without a doubt :)

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6/8/09 10:01 AM

I am in love with the 6th pic. The 2 - tone wall is amazing.

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6/5/09 11:20 AM