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Ten bath towels, only two people using them. I simply put the clean towels away at the bottom of the pile.

One Simple, Smart Idea: Rotate Your Everyday Household Items
7/23/14 02:22 PM

@JellySwede -- It's the heat, it's the humidity, it's the ties to Europe, it's Mardi Gras, it's the love affair with booze, it's the politics, and it's so much more. The best description of New Orleans I've heard is that it's the northern capitol of the Caribbean. Explains a lot of the color, art, food flavors and kitsch.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 02:09 PM

Good gracious... I don't understand comments that these "look DIY." In almost all cases, they look incredibly difficult to pull off AND have them look good. Also, I cannot even imagine the logistics of transporting the light bulb place cards. You are asking for a pile of broken glass.

15 Cheap DIY Wedding Decorations
6/3/14 04:28 PM

Use additional water and make a dip for fruit or a quick salad dressing.

My Single Favorite Use for Powdered Peanut Butter
5/29/14 10:39 AM

I find window cleaner works well on grease .(Just be sure to not mix it with your bleach cleaners.)

How Do I Clean Sticky Cooking Grease Off My Cupboards? Good Questions
5/5/14 09:40 AM

I find window cleaner works well on grease .(Just be sure to not mix it with your bleach cleaners.)

How Do I Clean Sticky Cooking Grease Off My Cupboards? Good Questions
5/5/14 09:40 AM

Lovely! Raising the cabinets and adding storage over the door was the way to go!

Kitchen Before & After: A Water-Damaged Kitchen Gets a Brand-New Look Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/10/14 11:22 AM

I love the wall color! Can you share the name/brand?

Sheena's Unbelievable View in Dumbo House Call
1/27/14 05:33 PM

I installed a disposal and dishwasher where there had been none. My dad and brother ran electric, including a new bit for the fuse box. That was probably $50 in supplies, no labor. I had a plumber come in to do the final install of disposal and dishwasher. That ran me $500, but included properly venting(?) the sink.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Garbage Disposal?
1/14/14 09:04 PM

This is great! I'm going to do this for my fiance as an alternative to the Lean Cuisine he usually eats when working from home.

How I Make Burritos to Freeze Freezer Friendly from Jessica Fisher
1/8/14 01:32 PM

The black icing definitely reminds me of the line from Steel Magnolias re: the armadillo cake: "It's got grey icing. I can't even think how you make grey icing." And an appropriate gif:

Two for One! Turn Your Cookies Into Holiday Cards
12/19/13 11:18 AM

I agree --- Let it go for the event and complain later in privacy. In the case of picky (little) kids, look at it as a good thing -- one less temper tantrum to spoil dinner for the rest of the guests. As for the 20-year-old, let him go hungry if he is simply "picky" (and not allergic). He'll learn soon enough.

What to Do About the Guest Who Brings His Own Meal to Your Dinner Party
12/2/13 12:04 PM

Wow -- Pinterest beautiful for sure...

This is what I helped my nieces and nephew create this weekend - Thankful turkeys.

24 Thanksgiving Ideas, Decorations, Activities & Craft Projects Just for Kids
11/20/13 03:03 PM

Another south Louisianan here with a vote for gumbo. Or red beans and rice. Maybe we'll go nuts and get fresh, local oysters in months with an "R." We usually just take people out, though.

What Do You Serve When You Want People to Know Where You're From?
11/20/13 02:47 PM

The full Eatocracy article was great and something we can all learn from (just don't read the comments - trolls). I certainly need to break from my protein/veggie/starch mindset as well. Not to mention that a one pan/one cutting board stir fry with brown rice certainly makes for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

6 Tips for Eating on a Very Tight Budget
11/15/13 09:21 AM

I'm hopeful the staggered height kitchen cabinets with fancy trim go out of style.

I wonder about two-toned cabinets (e.g. dark lowers and light uppers)? We will be doing a makeover (but not a full reno) on our kitchen before we sell in two years and I'd love to paint the cabinets two-toned, but I wonder about the resale.

I think white kitchens will never go out of style, or at least not for long.

Remodeling a Kitchen? 8 Trends To Avoid
10/17/13 03:10 PM

I think if she rented it long-term the hood would be an issue, but I don't know anyone who visits New Orleans in order to stay in and cook. Half the fun of the city is the restaurants! I bet, at most, her AirBnB guests make toast and coffee in the kitchen and don't use the stove.

Kitchen Before & After: An Amazing Kitchen Makeover For Under $500 Kitchen Remodel
9/30/13 09:33 AM

Any tips for the best ways to freeze things? I feel like things always get gross in my freezer.

Cook Once, Make Five Meals
8/30/13 01:58 PM

Yes, the vent is ugly, but isn't it essential for, you know, air flow? This is along the same lines as not understanding why people take down ceiling fans (they add comfort and moving air that is significantly cheaper than running the air conditioner all the time!).

This is definitely a step up from the dorm room I shared with my best friend -- decorated with 4x6 snapshots and pictures torn from People's 50 most beautiful issue.

Laken's Dorm Room Redo: Before & After Reveal
8/27/13 04:17 PM

I moved from Dallas back home to Louisiana. I arranged to stay with a generous relative for what was supposed to be two months as I waited for my lease in Dallas to end. I packed up most of my belongings and moved them to my parents' attic, while I packed only what I could fit in my car -- clothes, sheets, some books, laptop, camera and essentials. I ended up staying with my relative for nearly two years since she offered me a place to live rent free in exchange for company and utilities while I saved for to buy a house.

When I moved into my house and opened all the boxes from my parents' attic, it was completely like Christmas. I had forgotten so much of it!

I'm about to do another psuedo-two part move. My fiance and I are getting my house ready to sell so I can move in with him. I plan to move me and the dog out just before we list the house in order to keep it pristine. I'm going to declutter and bring the same kind of essentials I brought in my first two-part move to his house, but leave most of my things at my house to stage it for sale. Hopefully it won't take too long to sell!

How To Survive a Double / Two-Part Move
8/20/13 08:08 PM