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Log with night owl tendencies. I don't relax easily but once asleep, I'm unconscious to earthquakes, thunderstorms, really loud snoring, although I think I would wake up if a car hit my house. Funny thing, I never had trouble getting up every few hours to nurse my sons. Now we're all logs.

Catching Some Z's: Are You a Log or a Feather?
3/27/12 02:09 AM

When the boys were little, I went all out for Halloween and did a tree and lights for Christmas. Now I put out a 1' aluminum tree for Christmas and do a major blowout for Halloween at work.

This year we're doing Hawaii 5-0/Fantasy Island/Brady Bunch Hawaiian Adventure. I'm dressing up as a witch doctor and make an 8' paper mache volcano that spews candy.

Do You Decorate for the Seasons?
9/29/11 11:28 PM

I don't want to live there, but I definitely want to date the man who does.

Makes me want to listen to Bryan Ferry and drink Absinthe

Before & After(s): Mark's Opulent Bachelor Pad
9/7/11 12:15 AM

Never enough. 2 teenage boys, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and 1 more rabbit on the way if Mr. Picky can choose a mate.

Maybe once a week before I do the floors. Luckily, my home is small.

How Often Do You Really Dust?
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9/6/11 11:59 PM


Get Ready to Smile: Say Something Nice
9/1/11 11:14 PM

My grandmother had an old traditional home on a farm in Japan. I spent my early years there as well as a few summers when I was older.

I love how the entire room becomes the sofa, where you can sit up for conversation or lie down for a nap. It absorbs sound, stays cleaner than carpet and is more welcoming than hardwood.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had forgotten how much I love the smell of that farm.

Quick History: Tatami Mats

8/25/11 01:32 PM

My downstairs neighbor is pounding his bass right now. Excuse me while I go vacuum my hardwood floors.

Bass Traps: A Solution for Neighbor's Noise?
8/20/11 02:37 AM

My rabbit is really keen on this idea. He thinks this suits him much more than the Room & Board sectional I gave him.

Hey Furniture by Hver?
7/26/11 05:07 AM

This platform bed from Charles P. Rogers is 10 1/4" high. Free delivery, but takes 8 wks if the model isn't in stock. No tax to California. $499 for queen. $599 for King/Cal King.


Suggest Bedroom Furniture For Loft Bedroom?
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7/15/11 09:59 PM

Situational blindness.

No one can ever see what needs to be picked up/put away/wiped down/tidied, but everyone can see the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies on the counter.

Which Household Habits Drive You Batty?
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5/10/11 11:24 PM

I would scrape.

When you move out, buy a few cans of popcorn ceiling spray and reapply.

How To Mask Popcorn Ceiling?
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4/22/11 02:56 PM

I don't care about the flushing mist, but aside from parents of small children an husbands of nagging wives, who sits there long enough to get any amount of reading finished? Why does anyone sit down before needing to go?

Magazines in the Bathroom: Awesome or Icky?
1/28/11 01:51 AM

I once inhaled gasoline from the tank on a motorcycle until I passed out. I was 8. Still love it, but now I can control and enjoy my gasoline.

Love: fresh cut lumber, hay, coffee, fresh steamed rice, clove cigarettes, Mint, cilantro, basil, lipstick, baby, campfire, Hawaii.

Hate: cigarette smoke and breath of someone who does not floss daily.

I open windows to freshen the air.

The Smell of Home: The Science of Scent
11/12/10 03:07 AM

Laundry throughout process, kitchen, bathroom, tidy, dust, vacuum, mop, sweep patio, sweep porch/stairs, shower, make beds, put laundry away. So happy my home is small.

The Hierarchy of Cleaning
Small Notebook

8/20/10 03:02 AM

My parents had a sofa bed in the family room. Every night after dinner, we'd pull out the bed and all five of us pile in to watch television.

Until recently, I would move my coffee table and roll out a memory foam mattress top after dinner to watch television with my two sons.

I remember both periods fondly and if my sons had their way, the living room furniture would be replaced by a wall to wall mattress.

Do You Really Use Your Convertible Furniture Fully?
8/7/10 09:53 PM

I suck it up and just shut the patio slider. The smoking doesn't last that long and since I smoked for 15 yrs before quitting 11 yrs ago, I accept it as penance. Though I do hate it and hope the next tenant does not smoke.

Should Smokers Downstairs Be a Deal Breaker?
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7/30/10 11:40 PM

Kendall, I believe the product in 3rd pic is IKEA asker series.

Arranging Your Open Shelving SFGirlByBay | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/3/10 12:24 AM

Love my espresso floors, hate the dust bunnies, tolerate swiffering.

Will Temporary Black Floor Paint Work in a Rental? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/2/10 11:54 PM

That list caused me mild anxiety.

Though I believe myself to be very orderly, the state of car/purse/desk/home says otherwise.

I'm doing The Fall Cure and although I'm supposed to be focusing on cleaning and repairs, all I want to do is paint my entry seafoam green.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | One Small Chore to Help You Master Daily Cleaning
10/19/09 06:27 PM

I'm trying to decide if rope light would be cool on my staircase or if it would make my home look like a theater. I'm leaning towards theater.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 7 Ways to Use Rope Light
10/13/09 07:46 PM