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Ahhh! PLEASE, does anyone know more about that swivel chair with the tufted cushions? I have one (not in leather) that I scored on CL and love it so much that I want to know more about it. I was told it was Italian from the 60's, but googling got me nowhere :( Any info is appreciated!

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8/5/09 02:35 PM

So much character! Any idea what "type" of bamboo that is?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | My Great Outdoors: Tricia's Poolside Shangri-la
6/11/09 04:48 PM

Love the color! What blue is that?

Apartment Therapy New York | My Great Outdoors: gorgeoux's London Balcony
6/5/09 02:33 PM

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the positive comments! I was scared about getting critiqued on my first submission :). Laura, I tried to submit "pretty" pictures, but I have yet to master the SLR or learn how to get the vibe to match the composition...sorry! There are more pics posted on flickr at

Thanks again!

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6/4/09 03:31 PM