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I also wouldn't paint the cabinets...but I would suggest you paint the walls and change the hardware on the cabinets to something more modern.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint These Cabinets for More Modern Look? Good Question
10/5/09 06:40 PM

The only thing I liked about this issue was the paint color Marvin used in the bedroom he designed...however they did not list the color or I did not see it. Does anyone know what color that is or how I may be able to find out. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | Lonny is Live! What Do You Think?
10/2/09 11:04 PM

Those have got to be some of the ugliest chairs I have ever seen in my life...the crap people think they can get away with truly astounds me.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bold Chair by Big Game for Moustache
9/22/09 06:32 PM

Sorry, I meant to type... could it be that maybe you and someone else married siblings hence the phrase "our inlaws"?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Dare: Metallic Wallpaper?
9/21/09 10:33 PM

I think the metallic wallpaper might look good in small doses..I would be willing to try it maybe in a small guest bathroom or powder room. I think it would be too much for a larger space.

Totally off -topic, I dont understand the phrase "our inlaws"...whose inlaws? Could it be the maybe you and a someone else married siblings hence the phrase "our inlaws"? I hope I don't sound completely ridiculous or perhaps I'm just tired but the "our inlaws" phrase just kinda threw me....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Dare: Metallic Wallpaper?
9/21/09 10:24 PM

Well on the subject of closets and organization...does anyone know a good "closet system" that looks high end but actually isn't?

Apartment Therapy DC | Do One Thing
9/21/09 04:35 PM

asked you first:

What is Big Lots??? Is that like Costco?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round Up: 15 Sofas Under $1500
9/21/09 04:33 PM

Its not my style - but it looks like an incredibly fun place to live!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Scott's Redfern Renovation Sydney#comments
4/11/09 03:53 PM

Very nice space. Looks much larger than 320 sq ft. so that's a testament to your ability to define the space. As for the messiness issue, its tasteless that people chose to comment on that. You are being judged on your design and I think you've done a great job of making such a small space look stylish and livable. BTW - I'll trade you my large kitchen for your living room with the glass doors and balcony...

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Greatstar's Defined Space Tiny Division #27
4/11/09 03:50 PM

Wonderful job in a small space. The only thing I would change is the bed pushed up against the window. On that angle it looks a little juvenile. Other than that everything is great. You nailed it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Sara's Starting Over Studio Teeny-tiny Division #12
4/11/09 02:57 PM

If you can paint, I would paint that wall a dramatic color and then hang floor to ceiling drapes in a very basic white/off white color and low key fabric like sailcloth. I think this option is cheaper and easier than looking for just the right piece of art to fill that space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How High Should I Hang My Curtains? Los Angeles#comments
4/10/09 08:47 AM

I think you should paint the walls on the side of the fireplace a color that would draw out the warmth in the brick.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Suggestions for this Fireplace?#comments
4/6/09 04:10 PM

BTW is that Eucalyptus Spearmint hand soap in the bathroom? I am not a big Bath and Body Works fan but that is my all time favorite hand soap.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Lane's Style on a Budget Small Division #02
4/6/09 04:07 PM

This is a definite thumbs up. Great all around. I love the colors, furnishings, arrangement, everything. I live in the middle of hipsville brooklyn and I have to say this submission is awesome. I would have never thought this place was in Iowa. I guess I have alot to learn about what Iowa has to offer. Once again, congrats on a great job!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Lane's Style on a Budget Small Division #02
4/6/09 04:05 PM

Although nice, the space is a little to "vanilla". I don't see any risk taking with the design at all. I do like the second shot of the bedroom and the brick wall also adds plenty character. Overall good effort but alot more could be done with this space.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Small Cool 2009: ElaineBoston's DIY Skill Set Little Division #09
4/6/09 03:22 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Extra Space in Awkwardly Shaped Room?#comments
4/3/09 09:12 PM

Take out the curent staircase and install a spiral staircase. It will takee up less room.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Extra Space in Awkwardly Shaped Room?#comments
4/3/09 09:12 PM

This is a very good example of small size living. It appears that you have everything you need and yet with only 300 sq ft the place does not look cramped. Also, you pulled off the decor very well, stylish yet functional. Good job.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Emily's Wonderful in White Studio Teeny-tiny Division #02
4/2/09 09:16 PM

I love the kitchen and the bedroom but I think you've carried the blue and brown theme to far in the living room. Its a cute place though.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Pamela's Little Toronto HomeInternational Division #05
4/2/09 05:04 PM

I would never give up my television either. It seems alot of people think going without a television makes a statement about their intelligence. Much like the monastic lifestyle, I guess we are supposed to believe you live your life in quiet contemplation of higher ideals. Give me a break. I love tv especially the cable news channels and I happen to have more than one degree. Having a tv or not, having a cell phone/landline or not, is of course a personal choice but when it becomes a trend its nothing more than pretentious.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hanging Up for a Year#comments#comments#comments
4/2/09 04:58 PM