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I suspect it's a type of Felt Plant, but instead of the crinkly leaves, it's the rounded ones (same felt-like texture). It's an incredibly slow grower, likes full sun, and the leaves get really coppery if it likes it's environment. It only likes this place so-so :)

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12/30/09 05:53 PM

Amusing and oh so familiar....! One of the best things that Chris and I ever did was shell out $90 a week for Gloria (Mom - you know her ;). This settles a lot of the arguements we WOULD have. AND, we kinda still have them because although things may be clean, 'picking up' is still required. And god knows, I do more of that! :)

From observing my sis' lifestyle (baby, husband, house), there's a lot a mom has to do in the beginning, when baby is still a baby... and less to do for dad. So, dad may be doing not half, but ALL of the chores for a while... So, the more practice, the better? :) And Mommy's gonna be cranky, and it's best to stay on her good side... ;)

CONGRATS by the way!!!!!! :)

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7/29/09 04:41 PM

The shell looking plant is a Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (also known as Paddle Plant) pretty common and you can probably find it at your neighborhood nursery. Starts off green, and turns red in the sun. I don't know the name of that 4th plant, but check out my comments on it (the one right above yours). :)

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6/4/09 05:44 PM

Thanks everyone!

I actually didn't rip up any lawn.... The areas that I've xeriscaped were 'planted areas' filled with lantana, canna, and other plants that required sprinklers.

The drought-tolerant plants I chose were primarily chosen for color and form. They had to work well under our Eucalyptus too, so I tried to choose plants of Australian or New Zealand origin. From there, I chose a selection of green and gray foliaged plants. I kinda got lucky at the nursery, where I found most of the plants sitting together and when I saw them, I said to myself 'that's it!'

In terms of that plant sitting behind the rock planter, I don't have a name for you sorry :( All I know about it is that it was a mutation of the small vertical cactus in the picture second from left on the bottom row. They are the same plant! Instead of growing vertically, that mutated one just grew in a crazy spiral.

Thanks again for all the great comments!

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6/3/09 01:31 PM