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Exactly! At least that's what I do by taking advantage of the California weather...

How To Wash Your Pillows
6/28/14 07:58 PM

I love looking at int'l house tours like this, though (as some have suggested) the beauty of this particular home seems to lie less in its interior decor than in the apt's architecture and location... still very insightful.

Mandy and Matt's Lovely Canalside Home House Tour
4/6/14 08:01 PM

I inherited an old and unwanted chair from the previous owner of my condo, without realizing (until recently) that it is a Jerry Johnson sling chair (that sells for $1,500-2,000). I'm glad I didn't decline his offer!

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
4/3/14 09:52 PM

I have a maroon tiled fireplace in my condo - I initially hated it with a vengeance, until I placed a grey sofa, a black leather sling chair, and silver picture frames around it. The fireplace now looks quite classy. I learned how much difference a color palette can make to a space - and saved a ton of money from not having to overhaul the fireplace, too.

Maroon Accents: 5 Rooms that Get it Right
4/1/14 11:49 AM

What a beautiful, cozy and inspiring space - this is the reason why I visit AT every morning!

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 12:55 PM

a beautiful and serene home - the tatami room is what you'd find in an ordinary house in Japan, but it looks quite extraordinary in this culturally hybrid space.

The McDonalds' Serene, Minimalist Home House Tour
3/19/14 12:09 PM

I am somewhat relieved to see this giveaway contest by Rove Concepts (which I take it as a legitimate business since it is posted on AT), after reading a disturbing review of the company under "Experiences with Eames Replica Chairs" posted by one reader of AT.

Win: Rove Concepts' Quality Reproductions of your Favorite Design Classics Giveaway
8/23/13 12:00 PM

I'm really sorry to hear about your chair, but thanks for sharing your experience (which has given me pause, as I was thinking of placing an order with Rove concepts). But I'm also a bit confused, as many readers have posted quite positive reviews on this company. Can you direct us to the source of your claim that DrDarren77 is a fake review and that the whole company is currently under investigation? Where can we find out more info on their "shady business practices"?

Good Questions: Experiences with Eames Replica Chairs?
8/10/13 01:03 AM

I echo almost everything that's been said about the cost of living in SF, except that the real estate situation there is slightly better than downtown Palo Alto / Menlo Park (where you can't find a decent single family home for less than 2M). Social inequalities in the Silicon Valley have reached a truly astonishing level.

What Does it Really Cost to Live in San Francisco? Apartment Therapy's Cost of Living Report
8/9/13 10:49 PM

I'd like to add that Humanscale's "Liberty Task Chair" is also wonderful. I've tried a number of different chairs as an office worker with a chronic back pain, and Liberty Task Chair has proved to be the most comfortable chair ever. The chair is a little expensive, to be sure, but you could get a significant discount (in my case 45%) if you buy it directly from a local representative of Humanscale through the company website.

Comfortably Different: Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair Tech Test Lab Review
8/5/13 09:57 PM