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If you would prefer not to have kids at your party it's simple really, make it clear that it's an adult only party. I think it would be few and far between that you'd find a parent that would ignore a request like that. If they can't find a sitter they simply won't come.

I think the suggestions made are generally good and I do think that parents should tend to their own children and, as a guest and parent, I am very gracious when someone makes an effort to help my child feel welcome. I wouldn't send him off to a separate room though, at least not at his age now. And, I probably wouldn't like that so much later either, unless it was some really boring party and then I probably wouldn't want to be there either! I think it's important for kids to socialize with adults and learn how to interact. Sure, they need a break and child friendly activities but I don't think they need to be segregated. I also hate kiddie tables.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests with Children
6/2/09 09:40 PM

Gilles, why don't you take it upon yourself to make it clear it's an adult only party? Sure, the parents should probably ask if it's an adult friendly party but it seems easy enough to me that you should, as the host, make that clear and avoid any confusion or problems with your "low hanging fruit" in the first place.

Just posting this for all the childless party givers that are wondering how they can avoid having kids at their houses.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Welcome Guests with Children
6/2/09 09:33 PM