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I want to live here.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Boeing 727 Hotel Suite in Costa Rica
6/23/09 11:53 PM

I rent in a city, and own a home that I don't live in in another town - I have to top up the mortage payments because people expect to pay small rents in smaller towns and I have two hollow legged teenagers to feed. Yup, you guessed it - I've lost weight, 'cause I'm broke. Wonder if those home ownin' women folk who is packin' on the pounds has filthy rich menfolk or real high class jobs what pays up big.

Apartment Therapy DC | Women Who Rent Weigh Less Canwest News Service
6/23/09 11:52 PM

heather77 - haha! will they have artfully ruched ankle baggyness?
Seriously though (can one be serious about chair socks?) I currently rent and have made blanket versions of these as my old metal legged vinyl covered office chairs, which I loves and would never forsake - (least ways not yet my darlings), were threatening to eat to eat the wooden floor. So go ahead and scoff, my landlord is thanking me without knowing it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Chair Socks: Give Your Furniture Some Fashion
6/23/09 11:38 PM

Dear Mr Faux - I agree. Yes, we can see it's a playroom now, but that hardly constitutes a spatial make over. I quite like the cave-ish quality of the room. It would have been fun to go all out and have got the kids in on it. Together you could make a big shaggy green fake forest floor/rag rug complete with cut out fabric leaves woven in (they could have made sock bugs to hide in it as well) and built some 'boulders' to sit on from cardboard and old chairs and covered them in grey wool blankets - shaggy wool moss stitched on in places. or just wood stumps if you could get 'em. I would have gone for heavier curtains so you could make the space darker for watching movies, nap time or pretending you are Max with the wild things depending on the age of the offspring, the curtains of course would have to have magic trees and vines and stars sewn onto them. . . . but then I guess it depends if this is a two year rental or 6 months. . .

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Turning a Rental Space Into A Playroom
6/21/09 10:58 PM

ummm. . . pretty? Me thinks it got bit by the ugly bug. but each to their own...

Apartment Therapy New York | Scavenger: Folk Art Decorated Dresser - $195 New York
6/16/09 07:57 PM

dorm room you say? I don't recall dorm rooms being this big. . . 2 big ol' armchairs would never have fitted in my dorm room.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Question Answered! Solutions for Pre-Furnished Space
6/16/09 07:53 PM

I guess it depends how much money you have to throw at this one - if you're renting I guess not truckloads. I would cover the lino with wall to wall seagrass matting 'cos it's relatively cheap, doesn't show up a lot of dirt and there is no installation cost. I like the starch and fabric wall idea for the window wall - I'd do canvas - again cos it's inexpensive and a light colour would help appease the gods of good taste (who in their right mind digs wall to wall wood panelling?). That angled wall above the sink and stove is a worry - I like red. I would collect red pictures, posters etc and blu tac them up 'til I had the whole thing covered. Contrary to suggestions about white table and chairs - I'd go black with coloured seat covers, maybe yellow or teal.
Good luck and have fun. And remember, laugh maniacally if nothing works and just live with it - it ain't yours.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Brighten Up This Rental Kitchen!
6/15/09 07:56 PM

I once had a boyfriend who would have gone there - with real cardboard. Yes, the last image is a quandary for the politically correct - but while your getting all self righteous just remember it's a luxury to get pissed about this sort of thing.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Cardboard Bedding
6/10/09 08:53 PM

I like green and black. i would definitely paint the cupboard fronts glossy black (unless they are those hideous plastic numbers masquerading as cheap pine). But I'd want to wall paper with 50's bamboo patterned wall paper (or paint bamboo onto the walls if I had a weekend to spare - Then I'd get an opaque white shower curtain.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Help With My Retro Bathroom Redo! Los Angeles
6/2/09 09:36 PM

Come on guys - lighten up, speaking of which - am I the only person who would pop a light bulb up the fishes bottom and stick it on a standard lamp?

Apartment Therapy New York | Would You Decorate With Fake Food?
6/2/09 09:27 PM