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There's a course at a local farm nearby that teaches you how to make these. The class is $25, materials included. I'm taking it next weekend, mainly for ideas so I can teach it at my smallholding one day. $100 for two window boxes is simply ridiculous when the DIY option is available, much more affordable, and not very time consuming. My window boxes do great, as is.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | My Great Outdoors: A Window Box Vegetable Garden
6/25/09 11:07 PM

It pains me that the owner does not bother to clean that very expensive grill.

Apartment Therapy DC | Grillworks Inc.
6/25/09 01:02 PM

I'm quite obsessive compulsive about things being the proper position, i.e. I organize my dollar bills to face the same direction rather than just throw them in my wallet. Having my books upside down would simply frustrate me. If I could justify a good reason for having them upside down, sure; but this just seems silly to me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | DIY Project: Make An Inverted Bookshelf
6/25/09 01:05 AM

Have we seen a House Tour for your home, Sara? If not, I'm definitely interested!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | One Mega-Organized Kitchen
6/25/09 12:58 AM

doro and Beth1,

I am going to pretend it's a see-through fridge because I'm in love with the idea now. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | One Mega-Organized Kitchen
6/24/09 08:53 PM

My basil plants outgrew that size in just a week. They are one of the fastest growing, hardiest plants in my garden.

(My daughter appreciates the Little Pet Shop toy though! We bought some super super tiny animal toys at the zoo yesterday, she wants to make a small terrarium for one of them.)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Etsy Find: Terrarium Herb Kit
6/24/09 01:40 PM

Yes, in fact I've had a siesta outdoors three times last week alone. First in a hammock, second on a blanket after a watermelon snack, and third time was under the oak tree in our yard.

I live in Florida and I'm not sure where the mosquitoes are, but I'm certainly not missing them.

A nap outside is the perfect way to relax after a long morning of weeding the garden, swimming in the pool, or resting a full belly after a picnic. I made homemade peach iced tea and mixed berry popsicles to enjoy before my naps. Oh my, I'm such a Southern girl. Aside from Monday when the heat index was 110, I've been outside every single day as much as possible.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Do You Sleep Outside In The Summer?
6/24/09 01:29 PM

I hear ya, Gregory. Fable the ferret passed away last night in my arms; she now has a grave in a corner of the yard and we sprinkled cosmos and zinnia seeds in the soil so hopefully we'll have flowers to remember her by shortly. Sorry for your loss.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Saying Goodbye to a Pet and Friend
6/12/09 06:57 PM

A few years ago I bought a few tin boxes that held 16 round tins (like those used for magnetic spice tins but smaller) on sale at a craft store. I decided to collect random things during my travels like dirt from Johnny Cash/June Carter's gravesite (sounds creepy, sorry), a cicada molt, dirt/sand/pebbles from various beaches/deserts/parks, sea glass, a small fossil, dried flowers, a four-leaf clover, a tiny origami swan that I found outside a dry-cleaner in Portland, and tons of random trinkets that would only make sense to me. I've always thought about keeping sand/rock/dirt collections...maybe it's a good time to start. I'm planning a two-week long, cross-country roadtrip this summer, plenty of ground to cover so-to-speak.

Apartment Therapy New York | Summer Collecting: Bring a Little Sand In
6/9/09 03:43 PM

Darice, what do you feed your container plants?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Container FarmingHeavy Petal
6/9/09 11:58 AM

This just makes me more excited and inspired to start my own nursery.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gardens Austin
6/9/09 02:02 AM

I happen to like any magazines/blogs that showcase men interested in design, because it gives me faith in the possibility that one day I'll meet a guy who doesn't have a futon, or gingham sofa, in his home. ;)

From my experience, most big design magazines are aimed at the female demographic; the exceptions seem to be gay males. As much as my dating experience sadly proves a majority of straight males could care less about design aesthetics, I know they are out there and they are the minority.

I'm sorry, jplee...I just don't see it being true as far as home design/architectural digests go; fashion magazines, absolutely. Could you give a few examples? Maybe I'm just not seeing the broad scope of it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Apartamento Magazine
6/9/09 01:41 AM

Wow, in the last two posts I've looked at we've hit the topics of gay pride, hippies, and white trash...interesting.

Now ON-topic...I fell in love with the idea using pallets over a year ago when someone posted a picture of a pallet bed on wheels. That wasn't a very practical way of applying the material to design, but using them in a backyard is great. The pallet bed on the cover of the new Readymade is also really well-executed. I'm just afraid once I try to use the idea I'll find it's one that only photographs well, but looks cheap in person.

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspiration: Michael's Outdoor Banquette Philadelphia
6/9/09 01:31 AM

Gay or straight, I think someone found paint samples on sale and said, "what the hell?"

Apartment Therapy Boston | Top Designers Pick Favorite Shades in Every Color House Beautiful
6/9/09 01:22 AM

The only reason I'm container gardening is because I am house-hunting and wanted to make sure I was able to plant during season instead of waiting until I had a yard for a permanent garden. Personally, I would never choose a condo/apartment/loft based on the fact that, yes, I could raise my own vegetables/fruit from my patio. I enjoy having a yard for my family's happiness. Nothing beats a wine and dinner in the backyard under stars on a summer evening with the dogs running around and kids chasing lightning bugs; no skyline view would ever be worth giving that up for. I grew up in the South and I certainly love being within a short distance (bicycle or car) of the city, but I need more than a patch of grass on my rooftop to keep me busy.

My container garden has four varieties of tomatoes (including heirloom), two varieties of dwarf carrots, romaine lettuce, arugula, kale, swiss chard, Georgia collards, okra, artichoke, sugar snap peas, snow peas, cucumbers, chives, basil, two types of dill, mammoth sunflowers, canteloupe, and random flowers to attract/keep our ladybugs/butterflies/bees around. Oh, and three varieties of blueberry plants and a mango tree that is throwing out a ridiculous amount of fruit right now.

I live in Florida so some plants are easier and hardier here than others; some require more work and patience, but they are so worth it. It kills me to wait over a year for artichokes, but it pays off big time! My garden keeps me busy and definitely helps battle stress. Farmer's markets are still heaven, but being able to harvest your own veggies/fruits/herbs is so rewarding to the belly and soul.

I'd love to see more city farming posts, though!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Container FarmingHeavy Petal
6/8/09 11:57 PM

We've been lucky to have cicadas, tree frogs, crickets, and ceiling fans to send us to our slumber. Lately, thunderstorms have also been the soundtrack to our nights. If there is anything that bothers me too much to get rest I just throw some Will Oldham on to sing me to sleep. Problem solved. Honestly, unless the hurricane warning sirens are on we don't hear much from the outside world inside the home.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Sounds Do You Fall Asleep To?
6/8/09 11:33 PM

The thing about living on the East coast that I will never get over is that fact that I cannot own an Eichler. :(

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | On the Market: Eichler Beauty in San Rafael
6/3/09 04:48 PM

Honestly, I can't tell how anyone would fall in love with them from this picture, as it gives no details. They look fairly generic to me. Hmm...maybe you could tell us what design you are looking for and someone can recommend something close? I'm gathering you want a simple, modern design, right?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify this Flatware?
5/28/09 04:22 PM

Why not just mod your old red toolbox with spray paint and hand made stencils? It's be a cool Saturday morning project.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Colorful Toolboxes from Alice Supply Co.
5/20/09 12:57 PM

Am I not seeing all the photos? I don't see any bedroom shots, and I was interesting in seeing the pots in drawers...which I don't see either. Hmm...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom and Justin Gently Shape their Landmark New York
5/20/09 12:47 PM