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I hate this list, also. It pretends to treat the child as if he is mature but is actually very condescending. I saw this list a few weeks ago and was so irritated by it I had to call my mom and thank her for not ever doing this with the things she and my dad provided me. If you trust your kid to have a phone, then you shouldn't have to make a ridiculous contract. And if the kid screws up? I don't think you need to whip out your contract and have a cup of tea in the breakfast nook. I think there should be assumed disciplinary measures -- car washing, phone groundings, etc.

What Do You Think of This Mom's iPhone Contract For Her 13 Year Old Son?
1/18/13 11:25 PM

I have this set! I was desperately looking for a scaled-down fork that still had spearing power. The Oneida children's flatware is fabulous!

Faux-Montessori Dishes: Everyday Dishware for Montessori Weaning
1/15/13 08:47 AM

I rotate my 1.5 yo daughter's toys weekly -- sometimes daily -- and I go through them every month or so to see what is really trash, what really belongs in my kitchen (oh hey! I don't need new spoons after all), and what should be donated since she has aged out of it.
Then I sort and store a lot of it in baskets under our coffee table or in big, cute boxes from Ikea.
There are some things I leave out all the time: balls, toy kitchen stuff, crayons, her baby doll. Other things get rotated: puzzles, books, transportation toys, manipulatives like beads and pom poms, and other games that I keep in gallon zip bags or "busy bags."
This is the only way I have found so that I'm not always putting away a million little toys and she doesn't get too bored.
We've made peace with meshing our living space with her belongings since we don't have a dedicated playroom.
In her room we only keep stuffed animals and books. Anything else and she'd never go to sleep!

Taming Toys: A Fresh Start for 2013
1/8/13 11:20 PM

I like this post. Nothing she is doing is particularly new or special -- though it is pretty, however, it is a lovely way to underscore the importance of instilling a sense of independence in kids. It would have been nice if there had been a little list of ways to make the bathroom safe as well as accessible in this little snapshot, but that's neither here nor there. Why not let an 18-month-old have access to the same things bigger people do? I do this in my powder room for my 17-month-old. Yes, she frequently unrolls all of the toilet paper, but that is OK as it is still toilet paper. We don't lock the toilet lid, but we do leave it down, and I have a large washable rug on the floor to absorb spills so we don't fall as much. Growing competence means a happier less harried parent and a more confident kid!

Elements of a Toddler-Friendly Bathroom How We Montessori
11/26/12 10:14 AM

Better a wood teether than my calculator (or my actual phone!) that my daughter likes to pretend she is texting on...

Wooden Cell Phone Teether: Too Soon?
7/13/12 05:12 PM

My breast pump. I bought a Medela Swing thinking I'd be able to make bottles so my husband could feed our daughter. Used it maybe 6 times? As a work-from-home mom there just isn't time in the day to breastfeed, mom, work, and pump.

There were lots of items we only used for a short period of time: Bumbo, baby bath tub, swing, etc., but all of those things were exactly the right thing for that moment and I don't regret having them. I donated the items afterward.

I think you should look at your lifestyle, know your abilities (I cannot bathe or shower with a slippery infant), and see what you and the kid like. You never know ... I always hear diaper warmers are a waste and yet, I know a newborn that if you come anywhere near his heinie with a cold wipe, there will be auditory penalties.

Nursery Nevers: Products You'd Never Purchase Again Nesting a Nursery
3/26/12 04:26 PM

Another thought ... I rent also, and a great way to cast a soft pink hue on builder white walls (which won't make your husband shudder) is Soft Pink light bulbs. In fact, you might want to put some in your bedroom as well -- they make your skin look amazing!

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
Good Questions

3/22/12 11:21 AM

Pink is a great color for everyone. It goes well with just about every color and acts like a gorgeous neutral. It's the color of many flowers and is easy on the eye. What's not to like about it! I love the ideas above, so I'm going to throw in my two cents on wardrobe -- Ralph Lauren makes TONS of boys clothes in pink hues. The pink polo is a quintessential preppy boys wardrobe staple! Your boy just knows where it's at!

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
Good Questions

3/22/12 11:16 AM

Considering how much north light that room has, the black and white color-scheme still looks cool and inviting rather than abrasively cold. I really like how the natural grass area rug anchors everything down and keeps it from looking too stark. Great ideas!

Before & After: A Teen Bedroom Grows Up
2/6/12 10:15 AM

I seem to be in the minority here, but I work part-time (sometimes a bit more) from home with my infant daughter and it works out incredibly well!

Maybe it depends on the type of job you have.

My hours are flexible enough that if she and I need to spend some time together, we can and I don't feel pressure to "get back to work" or answer client emails at the sound of the ping.

I also think it helps her be a more independent person -- she doesn't rely on my constant attention and seems happy to just have me nearby (Magda Gerber would be proud!)

She's now 5-months-old and "baby land" is right next to my work area. During my work hours she plays by herself -- we don't have "distraction" toys, just manipulatives and sensory toys --nearby. We "check in" with each other over songs we like, often taking little dance breaks. It isn't much different for me than when I worked in an office and would go talk to my coworkers to take a little break.

When she was younger, she would sleep almost the whole time. It is ideal for us.

I think you have to decide if it works for you. You can always try it out while you look for infant care. You also don't have to do infant care every day.

Does Bringing Your Baby to Work, Work?
Good Questions

12/10/11 10:52 AM

I just have to say that this post and comment thread delights me. I cannot wait to have some poo stains to worry about. Three more months! :)

How To Remove Poo Stains
Better Than Laundry

3/17/11 01:40 PM

Biz apparently works similarly to hydrogen peroxide, so anything hydrogen peroxide would spot, it is likely that Biz will, too.

@midnightscientist one of the posts I read before trying Biz was from a site dedicated to restoring vintage fabrics. Apparently the thrift shop/vintage gatherers swear by Biz.

How To Remove Poo Stains
Better Than Laundry

3/17/11 11:58 AM

I'm six months pregnant and recently my mom sent me several of my infant and early girl outfits -- many with some stains like breast milk. After some research online, I decided to give Biz a shot. It was like magic.
1. make a little Biz paste and rub it into the stains (or wet your item and pour Biz on it and rub it in like I did)
2. let it dry
3. Throw it in the wash like normal

After 30 years of storage, the stains came out in an afternoon.

Biz is mostly color safe (though they say you should do a test patch). I also thought it was cheaper than OxiClean and you get a giant box of it rather than the tub which I hate because the lids are impossible on those OxiClean tubs!

How To Remove Poo Stains
Better Than Laundry

3/17/11 11:15 AM

I'm with sassylashes. Go. Just. Go. Watch out for pickpockets. The tourism board is SOOOO not kidding about that around Barcelona.

Being immersed in a different country and culture numbs you to the things that would have you hollering at a motel manager in the States. One of my most memorable trips was to Paris. We were there while the entire city was on holiday. We stayed in a super cramped Holiday Inn that was clean but the space was tiny and the rules were ridiculous -- we weren't allowed there during the day. Oh! And we had trouble getting food! And the Burger King boy was unhappy with me because I kept calling them fries. It was so much fun.

And it is ALL a part of the adventure.

5 Stunning Spanish Hotels We Wouldn't Want To Leave | Apartment Therapy DC
7/26/10 04:06 PM

This site has a few more whimsical wire dish racks.


AND it comes in six different colorways to choose from AND it's $40! AND it comes with a matching sponge rack(?!)

*click* purchased.

Can You Help Me Find This Dish Rack (Or One Like It)? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/7/10 09:08 PM

I sacrificed a yoga mat to my very senior dog's crate.

I had been looking everywhere for some type of non-slip pad for her and was finding nothing up to snuff. The yoga mat was perfect! It keeps her from sliding as she gets up (she's pretty arthritic and it's hard for her to get as much traction nowadays), it's cushy but still cool, it fit perfectly when snipped in half and doubled up, it doesn't budge, and it's easy to wash.

Doesn't help if you have a cat, but for those looking for ideas themselves or who have dogs that love their crate homes, it's a great trick.

I also like the idea of using it as an anti-skid rug mat for under a runner. I may steal this idea when my current yoga mat gets beyond cleanable.

Creative Reuse for Old Yoga Mat? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/4/10 11:39 PM

So, I'm for not fighting what's already been done -- which is admittedly dreadful.

My quick fix would be to create a shower curtain out of some non-eye assaulting fabric the uses the wall tile shades.


Trim it with a little black grosgrain ribbon or use black clips on the rod, and you'll look like a genius without having to repaint anything.

The vanity can easily be dressed up with a few lavender hued cups for storage (buy some spray paint that matches the lavender tiles and then coat the inside of a glass jar for a REALLY easy version of this).

Buy a simple bathmat in light yellow to match the walls. Hang a few pictures on the walls in black frames (the Dollar Tree usually has 8.5 x 11 wooden frames with glass that are for award certificates) you can make a quick grid of them, hang them up, and move on with your life.

How Can I Make This Bathroom Look Better? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/4/10 09:40 AM

Mastiffs are such wonderful dogs! Congrats!

I have two dogs. One large and one small and I grew up with labs and a Newfoundland (drool? hair? Let's TALK about drool and hair!)

Here's what has worked:
- vacuuming is a must however careful with a Roomba, we had one and the dog attacked it until it was "dead"
- keep dog nails short to keep from scratching floors and holes in upholstered items minimal (if you can hear then tap, it's time for a trim)
- leopard print hides ALL dirt, hair, coffee spills, it's amazing and kind of chic as a throw on the sofa
- slipcovers (Ikea Ektorp in bleking white is easiest to keep clean and is ridiculously cheap). In fact, our large dog has her own Ektorp chair (dog beds? pah.) We just keep washing the slipcover and when it gets really grey after about a year, we buy a new one.
- washable coverlets on the beds (our dogs are allowed up with their pack -- us)
- painted plywood on top of crate and using it for attractive storage (blankets, plants, books)
- for drool? buy/sew pretty napkins and keep them in a box next to everywhere. Not only is this good as a drool rag when you need it, but it's good for messy humans
- if you don't have a washer/dryer, get one. The best way to keep your house clean is to do laundry

And although my girls have the run of our house, we are often complimented on how stylish it is. So it IS possible.

Keeping a Clean Stylish Home…With a Big Dog? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/11/10 03:34 PM

We only have fur kids so far, but I have a paperless kitchen simply because paper towels are kind of ugly! I found big, white flour sack dishtowels at Walmart (I know, but come on! 5 for 6.99 can't be beat!) and I dyed them pretty colors.

Whenever they start looking spotty, I redye them. I keep them in a basket on the counter and they take up little space in the wash. And yes, the spouse uses them!

I find making cloth napkins a great way to use up extra yardage of fabric, too! Nothing matches, but they are adorable!

How To Create a Paperless KitchenGreen Idea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/22/10 09:16 AM

You should think beyond plants, too! How about having a pile of dirt dumped on part of it so you can "plant" pvc piping for games of "telephone" and for excavating, construction zones, and for make mud pools. Too much dirt for your clean soul? Plant it with a ground cover like lambs ear and other such tactile plants, the shade won't bother them a bit.

With children's gardens, it isn't so much what to grow as what NOT to grow. Be mindful of things that are poisonous as well as spiny. Other than that, just plant it and see what happens!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Tips for Kids' Garden Without "Full Sun"
6/1/09 02:30 PM