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This looks like Park LaBrea to me! Certainly would explain the long-term rental. Much nicer floors than when I lived there though.

Dana and Steve's Sophisticated Small Space
House Tour

6/1/11 05:16 PM

How about campaign furniture? Two of these chests side by side with a mirror on top would be a fun & unique dresser.


I agree that with a bed like this and your aversion to matchiness, more of a "collected" look would be the most elegant solution. Decide for yourself what "period" the bed is inspired by (with those legs could also be Colonial Americana as well as Indo-European) and chose your furniture based around that theme. Then you can choose textiles, curtains, rugs and smaller furniture in a more modern vein so it doesn't look like a museum set. Good luck - you have a great foundation in that bed to create a beautiful room.

Dresser Suggestions to Complement New Bed? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/24/10 02:47 PM

What is the weather like in coastal Kenya? I am curious how such an open home - and the residents - handle storms!

Tamsin's Windswept Dune Cottage Green Tour | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/10/10 05:13 PM

Not at all my style, but wonderful execution. I would have just pulled up the carpet and stained the stairs & bannister with the same finish. I also have an old lady fetish for wooden stairs with a narrow runner and carpet rods.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Centsational Girl's Staircase
10/7/09 04:19 PM

We have a family tradition of glass tops for heirlooms - my father's mantra is "Protect the wood!" - and they are surprisingly inexpensive. When he refinished my grandmother's desk for me, he had a glass top cut for it and it cost $40.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Unconventional Ways to Cover the Table
9/24/09 08:49 PM

Brilliant. & In a sustainable wood or even with a tablecloth voila, dining room table. Where do I order?

Apartment Therapy New York | MyBox Desk Prototype by Iiro Viljanen for Martela
9/9/09 09:39 PM

My last rental kitchen had really beat up floors & I went to Cost Plus, bought a woven plastic rug (same texture as a woven plastic market bag), threw it down, voila. It didn't slip, was totally scrubbable, sweepable, roll it up & shake it out on the fire escape easy. For $16.99. I would have paid more for something not made in a sweatshop, but where is the middle ground? & I just feel like a canvass drop cloth would slip all over.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ugly Kitchen Floor? Change It with a Floor Cloth
9/1/09 11:29 PM

What bothers me most about your current setup is not the colors or even the floors (you do need a rug stat to give that heavy furniture a base), but the height of the bed next to your gorgeous low windows. If the bed construction and your back allow, please ditch your box spring and lower your mattress profile. The side table height also interferes with the windowsill line, so I would use it on a different, windowless wall and get a bedside table that rests below the sill. Trite but tried-&-true, you can also do a stack of art books as a table substitute. What a lovely inheritance - please don't ever paint this set!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Color Paint to Go with this Dark Green Furniture? Good Questions
7/20/09 10:27 AM

Quinoa salad or Israeli couscous are the best IMO. I love doing them with very fresh diced summer squash or tossing in a little tofu for extra protein. To dress them up as a salad course for dinner parties, parboil yellow or orange bell peppers, slice the tops off & seed/devein, then fill with grain salad & replace the tops for serving. Precious and delicious. Plus the parboil makes the peppers just soft enough so they're a pleasure to eat with the salad.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Craving: Summery Grain Salads
7/9/09 05:00 PM

I dearly love the Thorne Rooms and would spend as much time as I could trying to "Alice" myself into them before my little brother dragged me off to Arms & Armour. But how can one cheese out over the AIC Thorne Rooms without mentioning Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science & Industry? I was so in love with that tiny palace I convinced my Grandad to buy me the "making of" book. I remember a set of chairs being manufactured out of diamond and emerald hair clips, and a taxidermist using teeth from a mouse for fangs on a polar bear rug. Horrific yet so clever.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! : Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute
5/30/09 04:54 PM