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If it were up to me to decide what color to paint your living room, I'd open all blinds and pull back all drapes and consider all of the colors out your windows (noting these colors at the times of day you're most likely to spend time in that room -- of course, while it is light outside) --- so you see all these different colors: concrete grey, or asphalt black, or brick red, telephone poles, trees etc. and then i'd choose the most expansive or interesting color from that palette and I'd paint a wall or two, or three or four, THAT color --- make your living room walls expand and connect with what's outside your windows.

Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?
The Color Cure

8/18/11 07:00 AM

it looks a little garish to me

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
House Tour

12/6/10 11:10 PM

the BEFORE image was taken to HEIGHTEN negatives --- look, it's DARK OUTSIDE, there's a granny-rug around the commode and some kleenex and sundry items atop its tank, there's some Suave lotion on the sill, as well as toothbrushes in a ceramic jar, a wrinkled towel hanging over the heater --- need I go on??? This photo was taken to BOLSTER and JUSTIFY the owners' argument for a re-do. it doesn't matter what the rest of us PREFER. obviously BOTH bathrooms appealed to us readers. what ** I ** would like to know is WHY apt therapy posted a re-do so banal ---- pretty soon it's going to be just photos of nice rooms that are attacked at random by people with a lot of money and little taste

Before After: The Monet Mural Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/4/10 12:38 AM

i think it's beautiful. does the whole family sleep in that one bedroom across from the kitchen? am i missing something?

Sandwich House | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/17/10 02:06 PM

1.) love, love, LOVE the ski-lodgey lvng rm w/ birch wallpaper! it's modern and also cozy. 5.) the living room with the large, hinged, 3 panels in the corner struck me as modern, and interesting, and 7.) i think that bedroom is downright sexy, what with that honeycomb hanging there, and all the animal fur, and the exposed wood.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Interiors by Ken Fulk
10/10/09 02:30 AM

i appreciate and admire the integration of styles, but i find this decorator's aesthetic sort of stiff, cold and uninviting.

Apartment Therapy DC | Designer Spotlight: The Many Looks of Lori Graham
8/19/09 01:50 AM

austin, texas is host to many live music festivals throughout the year and i have become tired of dealing with the crowds, the long lines at restaurants, traffic etc that each festival brings, so now i go to craigslist and post for an apartment swap --- it has worked out GREAT! over my most recent swap we even worked out where we took care of each other's pets! apartment swaps are a super way to travel on the cheap.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 10 Tips For A Successful House Swap
7/20/09 05:00 PM

hi tracey. here are my thoughts on the CHEAPEST way to stylize your entry...

you wrote that 'the coat rack stays'. great. the coat rack matches the dog-leash hook, so both are fine. -but, can you move the coat rack over towards the space where mirror currently hangs? --now, you have an empty space that is book-end by the dog-hook on the left, and the cuff of the coat hanging from the last hook of your rack on the right.

a mirror goes in the middle. and since you like yours, i say keep it and paint its frame whatever color you paint the wall. bam.

mess with the heights a little and gain some uniformity between the peaks of the dog-leash hook, the mirror, and the row of coat-hooks. give this "mish-mash" space very defined constraints.

this goes for the "footprint" too. the base of the chair you have in your entryway extends much farther than the shoe rack or the loft of the coat rack. if you have a foot-stool or chair with a smaller base i would switch it out.

when you come upon a small windfall of cash you should follow apartment therapy advice for small nooks/crannies and then shop bathroom furniture for cool shelves, mirrors, storage benches, i.e. furniture for small spaces.

i like your space and i appreciate utility. form follows function. the more doors and cabinets one must open to function the greater the disruption of flow. mock minimalism is exactly that -- you already know not to hide what you need.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Suggestions for Landing Strip?
5/31/09 01:59 AM

or what about concentrated rit dye? i'd experiment on a carpet remnant first, but why not?

Apartment Therapy DC | Painting a Carpet
5/29/09 02:50 PM